The Potato Incident

I am a carb freak – love my carbs… bread, potatoes, pasta – bring it on. So how do I have a kid that doesn’t like potatoes? The Princess – who loves potatoes in its mutated forms (mashed, fried, hash browns), won’t eat just potatoes. She turns her nose up at baked potatoes, and last night, she refused to eat (in a very big way) out-of-the-box, hardly even real, au gratin potatoes.

I have known since before I had children that I was never gonna be a “clean your plate” kind of mom. I don’t agree with that, and it’s not my style. Hubby and I both are pretty much of the “try a bite” school — try ONE bite (or two, or three, depending on our mood), and if you don’t like it – well, case closed. For that day anyway.

So, when we told the Princess that she had to eat one itsy bitsy tiny bite of au gratin potatoes, we really didn’t figure it was going to be a big deal.

Boy, were we mistaken.

She basically pitched a fit for over 20 minutes about this miniscule bite of fakey potatoes. We even threw in a threat – “We’re all having pudding for dessert – if you try a bite, you can have some too.” We even gave her an easy out: “If you don’t like it, you can spit it right back out.” But, she wouldn’t eat the darn thing. We weren’t backing down on this one (though we sure wanted to – I could have done so many other things in the time it took to get her to eat that freakin’ potato).

In the end, it was good ol’ dad who got her to eat it. I don’t even know what made The Princess back down after all that fuss she made. She put this itty bitty sliver of potato in her mouth. She promptly spit it out into his waiting hand. I think all told, the potato was in her mouth maybe 1.5 seconds.

And for that she got a bowl of pudding bigger than her head.

Isn’t parenthood wonderful?

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