I’m Frustrated

I don’t even feel like trying to be witty or cute today. I am frustrated! I’ve been working from home since Pumpkin’s birth, and it seems like it’s been one thing after another that my company has said or done to make me feel so mad at them – when I opted to go part time, I was told I could keep my insurance benefits. Last Monday, I received a letter in the mail saying my benefits had been terminated! I spent all last week trying to get someone from Human Resources to give me an answer – and finally at the end of the week, I was told, “It’s been resolved, we’ll give you a call on Tuesday.”

It’s Tuesday.

Do you know what the resolution is?

I DON’T GET BENEFITS BECAUSE I’M ONLY PART TIME. Mind you, they told me previously that I could keep my benefits, even at part time, but now I can’t. HR was then gracious enough to tell me that I could have them back if I returned to full time. I asked the woman, “How am I supposed to do that – you’ve given my job away!” They still owe me a job description, and I’ll be gosh-darned if I’m gonna agree to come back full time blindly, as I don’t even know what my job entails on a part-time level. I told the woman, “I have enough work for 20 hours a week — I won’t agree to 40 hours without knowing what my job is.”

Frankly, it’s cheaper for me to find alternate insurance than to pay for the girls to be in daycare full time so I can have company sponsored benefits.

I swear, I’ve just been so frustrated. It’s like a game of hot potato where my boss hands me off to HR, who tries to hand me off to the VP of Marketing (who was apparently supposed to call me last week, but surprise! He didn’t!). I’m so tired of it.

My husband tried to tell me tonight to quit – but as much as I hate the drama, I do like what I have been working on (of course, who knows when those projects might get taken away from me and given to my replacement who can barely tie his own shoes), and I like knowing that I’m contributing financially to our family.


Okay. I’m done venting now. I’ll try to be witty and cute next time.

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