A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It occurred to me today while I was out for my walk (in short sleeves no less… in mid-November!!!) that my neighborhood really isn’t all that bad. It’s funny, when we moved back to this town, this rinky-dinky small town where my husband and I both went to school, it was with a bit of reluctance. It’s a small town – and we had both been living in bigger cities for the years prior to our return. Our first few years in this neighborhood were pretty uneventful – I was pregnant with The Princess when we moved here in 2002.

For some reason, I never really got a chance to meet many people in our neighborhood. Initially, our next door neighbor to our left was a girl I went to high school with (and didn’t much care for) and on the right was (and is) a weirdish older guy with vicious dogs that charge at us when we walk by their house.

Most of the moms in my neighborhood stay home, and because I went back to work after the birth of The Princess, I never got a chance to know them, and in fact, felt I had nothing in common with them.

Something changed though.

Through my pregnancy with Pumpkin, I still maintained my daily walks. No one ever much said anything to me, though at that point, there were a handful of people in our neighborhood that I stopped and talked to. Yet, once Pumpkin was born, when we got home from the hospital, we had neighbors making us hot, home-cooked meals every other night, for our first three weeks! People who I had only seen around, but never officially “met” were coming by with enchiladas or lemon pepper chicken and various other goodies – to be neighborly, to welcome our newest addition, and to carry on what I’ve since been told is a neighborhood tradition.

It’s been awesome. Now, with Pumpkin closing in on four months old and me working from home, I know darn near everyone in the neighborhood. Since she’s been born, people have joked to me, “Well, we saw you walking and one day you were pregnant, and the next day you were pushing the stroller!” It’s funny to find out these people who I never spoke to noticed me, because sometimes you kind of get in that zone of feeling invisible around your neighbors.

Today, while I was walking, I waved or said hi to several people. It’s kind of a nice feeling. It’s taken three years, but this is finally a neighborhood that I enjoy.

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


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