A Weekend "Off"

I love my weekends. I love them more than I do when I worked outside the home, because on my weekends BEFORE, I felt so much pressure to cram in as much time as possible with my oldest kiddo (known from here on as The Princess – because Hey, this is the internet, and safety first!). I was at work all week and she was in daycare all day, and the guilt that someone else was raising my kid really hit me hard.

Since Pumpkin was born (by the way, their nicknames are based on their Halloween costumes, because we’ve got that on the brain lately since The Princess had her first Halloween party of the year at “school” yesterday), I’ve been working from home. The Princess goes to daycare two days a week so I can get my work done, and Pumpkin stays home. I don’t have that guilt anymore. I get lots of time with them daily during the week.

So — that’s why the weekends are kind of nice. Mom gets a bit o’ down time, and my husband gets to take over a little. Granted, he does a lot with The Princess these days, because I’m tending to a three month old’s needs a lot of the time, but on the weekends, he changes a lot more diapers!

Today is Gymnastics day for The Princess, and it’s one of her favorite things to do each week. Imagine if you will, a bunch of high strung three-year-olds running around and jumping around for 45 minutes straight. I don’t know how the teacher does it! We don’t have to leave the house for another hour and a half, but we’ll start our struggle soon to get her ready to go. It seems like it can take that long just to get her into a leotard and sweatpants. The joys of having a three year old!

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