School’s Out – Where’d My Balance Go?

Day two of summer vacation for the girls and I’m already in a minor panic, trying to reconfigure my daily schedule so that I can keep on keeping on, getting done all the things I need to do.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse get into a debate about the merits of stay-at-home-moms versus working-moms. I also don’t mean to imply that if a parent doesn’t work outside the home, their life is free from struggle and that they immediately have balance.

I’m sure it’s a struggle for everyone.

Which is why I’m here.

In addition to the care of my children and my house, I do have a job. I’ve been fortunate. I work from home. I make no mistake of how lucky I am that I have ultimately the best of both worlds (cue Hannah Montana…) in my life. During the school year – I am easily able to find that balance: When the kids are at school, I am able to wear my Worker Bee hat. When the kids are at home, I am able to put on my (much sportier) Mom hat. It’s easier for me to turn off the work part of my brain once the kids are home because I have such ample time to get things done.

In the summer, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

My ultimate goal is that I’m fully present in whatever I am doing (or at least 98% focused. My attention span kind of sucks). I don’t want to be the one constantly saying “just a minute” or “I’ll be right there!”, nor do I want my coworkers to be left in a lurch if I’m in the Mom Zone.

I already have some strategies I’m working on putting in place – including: waking up earlier (bleh!) and utilizing my mother’s helper again to watch the kids while I work on demolishing my to-do list one day per week.

What are your go-to strategies for getting stuff done? How do you find balance?  Will you come over and mop my floors so I can hang out with my kids?