Weekly Winners – March Sunshine Edition

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Weekly Winners – I’m Back From The Land of the Lost Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Lotus’s weekly winners – BUT I’M BACK. At least this week.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the week…

I don't love Valentines Day. But my coffee loves me. See? It says so.

She picked out her outfit the day before. Complete with accessories. Who IS this kid?

Feel the sun on my face, close my eyes and just breathe

Chillaxing on the bleachers. Swim mom mode.

Weekly Winners, Holiday Style

So, I took a little break from Lotus’s Weekly Winners. Because I’m a slacker. Yeah.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the week, though.

a mug of tea on a sunny day

selfie - photo prompt to take a picture of my favorite mug

some holiday cheer? Yes please.

the lights are up! the lights are up!

Just a few of my favorite shots from this week – I may have been in such a tizzy about the upcoming holiday break that I haven’t taken as many pictures as usual. That’s okay – I’m sure I’ll make up for it this week.

Weekly Winners – Knocked Up Edition

This week admittedly won’t go on record as being one of the most fabulous weeks but one of the things that kept me chugging along was knowing I had my FIRST family and maternity photo session booked for Saturday. I was somewhat nervous – fortunately, the subject is a friend of my sister’s and someone I have known (on a surface level, at least) for over a year.

Because honestly? I was kind of nervous.

Also, finding inspiration for maternity shots when you and your subject would both rather not shoot naked maternity shots (particularly OUTDOORS on a VERY COLD November day in Michigan!)? It’s kind of tough.  But below are two of my favorite shots from the shoot.

I know, EVERYONE does the "heart on the belly" picture. But... I don't think it's cliche. I think it's adorable. Love that baby belly.

The mom-to-be's son was really reluctant to touch his mom's belly - as in, mom says he wants nothing to do with it. So, this moment was a sweet one for her. And for me too.

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Weekly Winners – It’s My Birthday

Happy birthday to me.

I am the baker in the family, and it means that whenever there is a birthday in our family, I am the one who bakes the cake. It also means that I haven’t had a birthday cake in years – because I refuse to make my own. I know, I know – it’s not really a huge deal. I don’t even like cake that much (cookies, on the other hand…). But there is something about having a birthday cake.

And I’ve missed having one.

This year, my mom facilitated my daughters making a cake. The girls did everything. Everything except putting the cake into and out of the oven.

And it’s beautiful.

Today I turn thirty-four. Not 29 for the fifth time. Not 25, like my neighbor was kind enough to say.


And I kick off my year with a cake that is overflowing with love. And chocolate.

I’m eager to see what this year holds.

Weekly Winners: Art Prize Style

Some of my favorite shots this week have been from Grand Rapids’ Art Prize competition which is ongoing. I’ve been twice – and will likely go several more times before it’s over.

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Memorial for Stephanie J Tubbs (Artist: M. Murphy)

Street Pianos, Luke Jerram

Lure/Forest (Artist: Beili Liu)

Collage of "Seven Days of Creation" (Artist: Suzi Furtwangler) - this is made entirely of crayons!

Vessel (Artist: Amanda Katz)

Dream Big (Artist: Pete Fecteu) - made entirely out of Rubik's Cubes

Dream Big (detail)

Dream Collection (Artist: Heather Holloman)

Dream Collection

Weekly Winners, Week ending 9.18.10

These look like tiny beads ready to be strung onto a necklace

When the day gets to be too much, put on your favorite orange sweatshirt. And hide.

A little play before baking a cheesecake


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Weekly Winners, Week Ending 9.4.2010

A sense of familiar away from home

Wrapped up my 365 on August 31 - and yep! I started over again.

Eye spy

The puppy thinks my leg is yummy.

My leg goes from snack to resting place in a matter of second

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Weekly Winners, Mackinac Island Style

=-\Though I’ve lived in Michigan for what feels like a hundred million years, there’s still a lot of it I haven’t seen. Case in point – this weekend was the first time I’d been to Mackinac Island. There are no cars on the island – so we spent a lot of time on our feet, walking – though we took a tour by horse-drawn carriage (horses pee A LOT, bee tee dub). Some people rode bikes – and there is no shortage of places where you can rent bikes… however it’s hard to carry a camera bag and ride a bike (Well, unless your bike has a basket. I guess that was a possibility. I could have gotten a baskety bike. But face it, I’m not really a bike-rider kind of girl. I’m kind of clumsy).

No cars on the island AT ALL. Bikes and horses and your very own feet are the primary modes of transportation.

I have never seen so many Adirondack chairs in my life.

The island really is pretty.


Sunrise on Mackinac Island. Two mornings of this beautiful sight was filling to my soul.

Island tour, here i come.

Watching the sunset while eating an ice cream cone. I could get used to that.

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Weekly Winners – Week Ending 8.21.10

I didn’t have an exciting trip to Chicago to make my weekly winners for the week more visually appealing, but there were some big events – including an anniversary (ahem), my grandfather’s birthday and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) the puppy got his splint off!

You can't beat starting your day with a gorgeous pink sky

Coloring at the birthday dinner for her great-grandpa

There was to be no exchange of gifts and yet... anniversary Chucks

He's kind of wobbly and unsure, but how fabulous to have that splint off!

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