Thursday Ten: Best Sister Ever Edition

1. This morning, I accompanied my sister to have a hysterosalpingogram done. Basically, if you ever need to go have contrast dye injected into your lady bidness to check out the awesomeness of your fallopian tubes, I’m your go-to gal for moral support. Fortunately, I was armed with Casey’s excellent post (AND DONUTS!), so I knew what to expect for my sister and even though SHE was too scared to read Casey’s Excellent Post, it’s okay. I read it enough for both of us. As it is, she’s fine! Her fallopian tubes are fine! Life is good.

2. On the way to her appointment, we stopped at Starbucks (What? Like you’re surprised?) and I got my first gingerbread latte of the season. And it wasn’t good. This is probably a good thing for me because, well, all that sugar. And all that milk. Way to ruin a good thing.

3. My song of the day is “Drumming Song” by Florence + the Machine. It’s been in my music library for awhile, but shuffle brought it my way today and I’ve listened to it four times now.

4. I actually really loved Glee this week. I hate the themed episodes with a passion (Yes. Even the Rocky Horror night), so it was nice to see the music worked around a plot versus the other way around for a change. Oh, and awesome to see Chris Mann warbling it up as Warbler Number Six.

5. I placed an order with Sephora to catch the tail end of the Friends & Family sale last week – and ordered a sample of Bvlgari Aqva – it’s a men’s cologne (I don’t think I realized it when I ordered it). But it smelled so good – I have a feeling that I will be getting this for Hubby. It smells fantastic. It was so easy to pick a cologne for him and yet… I remain perfumeless. Why is it so difficult to pick a perfume for MYSELF?

6. I came back from forty-five minutes of cardio and sat down with a slice of cold pizza. Self-defeating, much?

7. The Princess is now severely addicted to Cake Boss and has been sketching designs for her birthday cake (only six months early). “Don’t worry mom, I can TOTALLY tier a cake,” she tells me. I sure hope so, because I know I can’t!

8. I currently have iTunes randomly shuffling through all the 90s music in my library. You should do this. Currently listening to “Hello Jupiter” from Tori Amos’s “Boys For Pele” album. I remember buying this album when it came out – I was living in Ann Arbor, and I bought it at midnight from a record store on State Street. The album cover showed Tori nursing a piglet, if I’m remembering right. (But my gosh, I still love this song – “But sometimes I breathe you in and I know you know…”)

9. Best message today was from someone asking the best way to send me a box of salted caramels. That will be tough to beat. Unless you want to send me two boxes of salted caramels, in which case YOU WIN!

10. Happy Veteran’s Day. If you have served or are serving our country – thank you so much!