Music Review: Alpha Rev “New Morning”

One of my favorite things to review is music – partly because I’m a music junkie (my iPod or other music delivery device is never far from me) and partly because there’s no clear cut answer as to whether music is good or bad. Music is so subjective that there’s truly a lid for every pot — and if I love it, you might not.

I hope, however, from all the time you’ve spent hanging around these pages you have figured the kind of music that floats my boat — and you can see if my tastes and yours intersects at any juncture.

When I review music, I’m actually pretty methodical about it. I’m not “grading” based on technical gritty stuff — I’m not trained in all the whoosy-whatsit kind of stuff. Instead, I judge with my gut: Do I like this song? Then, I give each song one to five stars (iTunes makes this super easy), and I average it all out.

I’m such a nerd.

So, if you take a look at the above, you can see what I thought of ALPHA REV’S album “New Morning”. I’ve talked about their song, “New Morning” before. That was the first cut I heard from this group, and as you can see, the first on the album. I really love this song – melodically, it appeals to me.

Like the song “New Morning” there are several tracks that stand out for me – “Phoenix Burn” and “When Did I Wake Up”, for example. This album has definite highs and lows – and there are songs that don’t appeal to me as much.

If you’ll remember, this is a band that is being compared to Coldplay – who I don’t love – so… I expected some songs that didn’t appeal to me as much as the first two songs.

I’d give this album about a 3.5 on a scale of 5 (if I’m being persnickety, if I were to average out my stars, it’s about 3.36, but I’ll round up). While I don’t love the album in its entirety, there are several songs that are frequently played additions to my music library.

I did receive a free copy of this album for review, but the opinions and nerdiness are as always, solely my own.

The Music In My Ear

Typically, I list all the new music I’m listening to in my Thursday Ten lists each week, but I’ve got some awesome tunes in my ear this week and I thought I would share the songs that are currently occupying my “Recently Added” iTunes playlist.

1. NEW MORNING – Alpha Rev

The press release mentioned that Alpha Rev was being referred to as somewhat “Coldplay-esque” in the press (that’s my word, not theirs. Coldplayesque isn’t a word. Yet. It should be. I was wary when I read that because – don’t hate, y’all – I really don’t like Coldplay. I know, I know. It’s unheard of. But, truly… I don’t dig Coldplay. So I wasn’t sure what I would think of the single “New Morning” – but I really like it. I received a copy of the album download for review* and I’m still listening to that a few more times (I’ll keep you posted of course), but my initial reaction is that I like it. I find the melodies radio friendly, and there are several tunes that are staying with me.

Here’s their first cut, “New Morning”. And, uh, the lead singer is not so bad to look at either.

2. EVENING KITCHEN – Band of Horses

In response to a plea for music recommendations, one of my awesome friends told me to check out this song by BoH. I am drawn to its simplicity – the harmonizing and the lyrics. And it gets bonus points for being acoustic because it’s my list and I can give bonus points for that kind of thing if I want to. I’m not a diehard Band of Horses fan – but this is the second song of theirs that I have fallen in love with.

3. I WANT YOUR SEX – Chris Mann

Sure, I mentioned this last week, but I thought I would drop in the vid this week. The video incorporates elements from the original version by George Michael – but still stands on its own. I give Chris points for rocking that magenta suit jacket and for having better hair than Georgie Boy.  By the way, George Michael’s version was released in 1987. I still remember this video. I still know all the lyrics to the song… and uh, I was ELEVEN when this came out. These are the things I remind myself when Miley Cyrus tries to shed her kid image. When I was young I was watching Madonna writhe on a stage in a wedding gown and George Michael being George.

What are you listening to this week? I love music recommendations always – so let me know what songs I can’t miss.

*I received Alpha Rev’s album to review, but as always – the opinions I express regarding the music featured on that album are my own.

The other songs mentioned were purchased on my own. Chris doesn’t send me free music, but it would be totally okay with me if he did.