Weekly Winners, Traverse City Style

Gosh, y’all… I could easily go another week posting pictures of the puppy dog (No, it wasn’t totally intentional that we got such a photogenic dog, but dang, he’s supah cute), but I will refrain from overloading you with canine snapshots, and instead travel back to midweek when I ventured up north.

Ironically, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling very not so fond of the state of Michigan – probably partly related to the stifling crazy heat we’ve had – but then? I drove a few hours, put my feet in the sand and spent hours with friends talking beneath the stars. Suddenly, Michigan looks a little better.

I have been to Traverse City many times over the years – but oddly there is so much of it I haven’t seen. I actually really enjoyed having the opportunity to wander around and see new places.

I love elephant ears. I didn’t get one. I fought the urge. But MAN. I love them.

Ferris wheels scare the bejeebers out of me. But they’re SO FREAKIN’ PRETTY.

Oh hi, Lake Michigan.

The drive home was rainy. Very very rainy. I finally pulled off at a gas station to wait out some of the rain.

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Weekly Winners – It’s Mostly About the Puppy

In a week where the biggest thing that happened is that we got a new puppy, I guess you can expect that yes, there’s lots of pictures of the new pup who is so freakin’ adorable (thank goodness, because… I’m pretty sure I’m allergic. Send Zyrtec. STAT).

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And be sure to have a very Happy (AND SAFE) Fourth of July!

Yep. He chose us so we choose him.

We're crate training. The first day? It was NOT fun. Little Dude likes his crate much better now.

Yep. He's kind of stolen our hearts with the cute.

He's usually this mellow. Chillaxin' in the grass.

Oh, but wait! We didn't just get a puppy. I bought myself a new lens too.

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!

Weekly Winners – Week ending 6.19.10

This week was a tough one – we started the week on Sunday a three hour drive back from one of those vacations that’s not really a vacation to find that my mother’s sister-in-law and her aunt both passed away on the same day in what can only be described as one cosmically messed up coincidence.  Meanwhile, in the midst of all this the kids and I kicked off our first week of summer — and we’re in the process of trying to find our groove. And, well, there’s been other assorted stuff going on that has made for a less than stellar week. We rounded out the week with Pumpkin’s fish dying this morning — so, I figure I’m kind of justified in not having taken any fabulous pictures.

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Crappy week? RETAIL THERAPY! My new High Key camera strap.

Welcome to the family, Belle. This was a gift from the friend whose wedding I shot in May. Pretty awesome gift. I had been drooling over Belle on the epiphanie bags website for a LONG time.

Canon 4EVA

Weekly Winners – week ending 5.29.10

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Tunnel vision

Welcome Home.


Prep work for birthday cupcakes

Sittin' in the garden eating worms

oh hai

Weekly Winners – Green Acres Edition

Oh, I LOVE Weekly Winners. All of my weekly winners were taken with my kit lens this week – oddly enough – but I was concerned that my 50 wouldn’t give me enough leeway for possible short distances between me and what I was shooting. And now I’m trying to pick what lens I need to get next.

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Baby goose - Pumpkin named this little guy PADDLES

This goose is Max. He's a rather attractive little goose, dontcha think?

So tired.

My daughters gathered these from the chicken coops. How cool is THAT?

Miscellaneous farm stuff.


Weekly Winners, Week Ending 05.08.10

Happy Mother’s Day! This week I was thrilled to finally get my 50mm lens – of course, only one or two of these shots is using the 50, but I can’t wait to start playing with it more and seeing what it can do and getting a better feel for it. Be sure to stop by to see Lotus and the other Weekly Winner participants.

No, this isn't my yard. It's a whole lotta dandelions. Somehow, they are prettier when they belong to someone else.


happiness is...

Lining up to wait for their death. IN MAH BELLEH.

Hideous, isn't it? This is the color the girls picked to paint their bathroom. I will never be in love with it.

Weekly Winners, week ending may 1

Another week of Weekly Winners – of course, I know y’all are going over to visit the lovely LOTUS and her Weekly Winners as well as hopping around to the other participants. Right? Right.

Remember when I said I'm kind of addicted to greek yogurt and honey? Oh yeah.

Bubble season!

Awesome bubble wand cost a buck at Target. Whoohoo!

Fly away bubbles

Anniversary party for my grandparents...

Weekly Winners, Middle of April Edition

Lotus’s weekly winners is definitely one of my favorite parts of the week. First of all, as you can CLEARLY see from her site, the woman takes AMAZING pictures. And then? So many people join along – and I love hopping from blog to blog to see what kind of week other people have had. So, head on over to Lotus’s place and check ’em out.

This week has been an interesting one for me – I’ve jumped back and forth between my lovely P&S and my new DSLR. Admittedly, habit makes me wanna grab the lil camera – it fits in my purse so easily. BUT BUT BUT, I love the shots I’m getting with the Rebel – and can’t wait to figure the shtuff out on that camera a bit more.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the two cameras.

Sunday morning coffee on Orleans Street in Chicago

For a few weeks a year it blooms. Here we go.

Birthday flowers for my sister

Mother Nature's color palette blows my mind.

Slow like honey and heavy with mood.

Frame the day

Weekly Winners, Chicago Style

I sure do love Chicago – so my weekly winners are a few of my favorite snaps from the Windy City. For more weekly winner awesomeness, visit Lotus, and the other participants of Lotus’s Weekly Winner carnival.

I got the Windy City Martini. Up 96 floors, a drink was kind of in order.

This is what a windy city martini looks like. Isn't it pretty and pink and fun?

Breath taking, nausea inducing view.


Lovely view. Chicago is one of my favorite places to be.

Weekly Winners – Catching Some Fresh Air Edition

Y’know I love me the Weekly Winners. I love visiting Lotus to see what awesome mojo she’s worked with her camera all week, and then visiting all the participants and seeing what they’ve got going on. It’s pretty awesome.  So visit Lotus and check out the other peeps of the week.

A dock on a sunny day.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

Going up?

An evening at the park

First iced latte of the season – cause for celebration, no doubt. And yes – I keep dental floss in the console of my car.

At the car wash, yeah.