Total Bliss

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If you have been anywhere near the blogosphere in the past several days, you probably realize that over this past weekend something BIG happened. If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you saw the hashtag “#blissdom09” on a huge ton of tweets (and
The whole weekend was awash in fabulosity (say that five times fast), and that was definitely to the credit of Allison (Or, Mrs. Fussypants, if you will) and the One2One Network. There was some incredible support from some amazing sponsors – who not only recognized that we’re out here, but that we’re here and we have voices and they are listening to us. We chowed on Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks between sessions (seriously, don’t ask me how many Nutty Bars I ate, because frankly, it was a lot and far more than any one person should eat- BUT THEY WERE SO GOOD!). WalMart showed us some love (and some lucky peeps – not me – were able to win an iPod Touch – SO AWESOME). And Crocs – how fabulous are they? – gifted us with some awesome swag. We had excellent entertainment thanks to Disney Pearl Series and Sony Music – which will have to be a post of its own, because seriously – the guys from Yanni Voices and the oh-so-adorable Chris Mann are worthy of their own post. Really. I mean it).

Perhaps the most exciting part for me was the opportunity to finally meet my partners-in-crime after months of working with them via Skype for Blissfully Domestic. After several months of chatting with them day-in-day-out, I got to Nashville feeling like I knew ’em already. Was so excited to get to be with them, and was sad to leave. I got to talk to people whose blogs I adore, people whose Twitter-streams I follow, and I loved every minute of it.

I have been trying to put this experience into words for a few days now, and it’s hard. Two days just wasn’t ENOUGH. I didn’t meet everyone I wanted to meet, or talk to everyone I wanted to talk to. There was just TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS under one roof.

There’s somewhat of a “coming down” period after a weekend like we just had. I didn’t expect to feel that way, but I miss everyone already – and will surely be going to BlissDom ’10.

Thursday Ten: Buried In The Classics Edition

1. First – some Blissfully Domestic stuff. BD is up for a WEBLOG award for Best Parenting Blog. You can vote once per day. One vote per computer… so,
9. FINALLY! Guitar lesson today! It’s been far too long. Felt good to be back.

10. Procrastinate much? I am now nearly 6 months late in getting Pumpkin’s 3 year pictures done. Guess I better get myself together.

Rearranging the Furniture

So, you probably noticed I changed from one generic template to another today and all of the sudden this place doesn’t look quite how it used to. I got bored. And the thing is, I’m not wild and whacky enough to have created something unique and special and creative on my own – so I’m living large with this lovely Blogger-created generic template.

Oh, you love me anyway.

What you might not have noticed is the little doohickey on my side panel there. Yup. The cute little pink badge. I’ve put a copy of it above so you can see it – it’s very pretty, no? That’s what I’ve been up to lately – working with some amazing folks over at Blissfully Domestic, feeding my love for all that is entertainment: television, books, movies, and music. It’s been a fun time and you all should definitely come check it out, if for no other reason than to tell me that I’m overanalyzing Grey’s Anatomy.