A Community Under One Roof

I have spent the past several days in Nashville at the Blissdom Conference and while I head home today, I am both glad to be returning to my family and sad because I am leaving a lot of friends behind. This weekend has been one where I have ranged the spectrum of emotions – from complete, unabashed, rolling on the floor with laughter JOY to heartbreaking sadness as MckMama shared the story of her son, Stellan.  In between there was hope, migraines (thank you, Mother Nature. No REALLY, you shouldn’t have), exhaustion, and at times, a feeling of being completely overwhelmed and trying to just BE in the moment.

I follow a lot of people on Twitter. I read their tweets and their blogs and comment on their Facebook status updates. I know their lives by their words – and then suddenly, so many of those people are under one roof and it’s kind of an awesome thing. You see someone across the room and think, “Hey, that person looks familiar” – check out their name tag, and when it hits you that the person standing in front of you is @WhoeverThatPersonMightBeInThisInstant, it’s a rush – a huge sensation of, “You’re REALLY here.” Suddenly, imaginary internet people become very real. The moment when someone goes from “that person who blogs” to “the woman I shared caramel corn with” or “the one who rocked out on karaoke” or “the one that made me laugh so hard my abs hurt” – THAT MOMENT is why I’m here.

There will be another post later, one where I tell you how awesome the sponsors are (they are!), and how I think that Alli and Barbara really outdid themselves (they did!), and how I didn’t sleep very much for several  days and worried my lovely roommates (true story!), but… not yet.

Right now, I’m still in the moment. After filling my days so completely, I slept hard last night and I wake up knowing that while I’m so glad to be returning home to my family (a little less enthused about that airplane part), I am going to miss a lot of people a whole lot.

No Watermelon Carrying Moments


A few weeks ago, I posted when we found out that Harry Connick, Jr would be performing at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville. At the time, the plan was to have a meet and greet – we’d all do photos with Harry and get to meet him.

Well…. apparently, there’s a big football game on tomorrow? And one of the teams playing is from HCJ’s hometown of New Orleans?

I love that he didn’t bail – I mean, the SuperBowl, right? That’s huge. But, he didn’t cancel. Instead, he shifted things around on his schedule and came to perform last night and today he’s off doing SuperBowl-y stuff. We were glad he still came to perform.

Not only was Harry entertaining (and so funny!), but his band? FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Actually – let me go even further: his band blew me away.


Not pictured: the guy on bass and the dude on drums

Two of his musicians (including the saxophone player, pictured above) are residents of Musicians’ Village in New Orleans which provides a home for the artists who have defined New Orleans’ culture so strongly. The Musicians’ Village was conceptualized by Harry Connick, Jr and Brandford Marsalis, and is supported by donations.

After a rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In”, they finished and we were all able to quickly meet and get our pics snapped with HCG – it was so fast that I didn’t have a chance to say something stupid to him. I think we can both count our blessings on that one.

*Pictures taken by me. Unfortunately. I can’t wait to see what the shots look like from better cameras than my own!

It Had To Be…

Harry Connick Jr.

From one of my favorite movies EVAH.

Kind of looking forward to meeting him in a few weeks at BlissDom  – and not just because he’s ADORABLE. I’m hoping to not have the classic Sarah “I carried a watermelon” moment.

Crocs Rock

I am a very active person. In high school I was a (don’t laugh) cheerleader for three years. Three years of football and basketball season. That’s a lot of toe touch jumps and landing hard on my feet (I said I was a cheerleader – I never said I was graceful). And now, I walk and every now and then occasionally get a bug up my butt to run – but I don’t like it so I do it just enough to be all, “Hey, I ran!” but that’s it. And when you figure I average at least 15 – 20 miles per week (since I’m just a walkety-walker), that’s AT LEAST 60 miles a month. I’m not doing the math on that one, but you know, over the course of a year…It’s kind of a lot.

This is why, though I would love to be wearing THESE hott shoes:
And yeah, I immediately took off my socks (Hey, it’s FEBRUARY IN MICHIGAN), popped on my shoes and hung around awhile enjoying their comfort and cuteness. I already know I’m gonna need another fun pair. This time in a crazy eye-popping color. Oooh, or leopard print.

Thanks, Crocs – for treatin’ my feet to some super cute comfort!

Photo credit: Top two pictures courtesy of Secret Agent Mama.

Total Bliss

get-your-bliss-on Badges

If you have been anywhere near the blogosphere in the past several days, you probably realize that over this past weekend something BIG happened. If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you saw the hashtag “#blissdom09” on a huge ton of tweets (and
The whole weekend was awash in fabulosity (say that five times fast), and that was definitely to the credit of Allison (Or, Mrs. Fussypants, if you will) and the One2One Network. There was some incredible support from some amazing sponsors – who not only recognized that we’re out here, but that we’re here and we have voices and they are listening to us. We chowed on Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks between sessions (seriously, don’t ask me how many Nutty Bars I ate, because frankly, it was a lot and far more than any one person should eat- BUT THEY WERE SO GOOD!). WalMart showed us some love (and some lucky peeps – not me – were able to win an iPod Touch – SO AWESOME). And Crocs – how fabulous are they? – gifted us with some awesome swag. We had excellent entertainment thanks to Disney Pearl Series and Sony Music – which will have to be a post of its own, because seriously – the guys from Yanni Voices and the oh-so-adorable Chris Mann are worthy of their own post. Really. I mean it).

Perhaps the most exciting part for me was the opportunity to finally meet my partners-in-crime after months of working with them via Skype for Blissfully Domestic. After several months of chatting with them day-in-day-out, I got to Nashville feeling like I knew ’em already. Was so excited to get to be with them, and was sad to leave. I got to talk to people whose blogs I adore, people whose Twitter-streams I follow, and I loved every minute of it.

I have been trying to put this experience into words for a few days now, and it’s hard. Two days just wasn’t ENOUGH. I didn’t meet everyone I wanted to meet, or talk to everyone I wanted to talk to. There was just TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS under one roof.

There’s somewhat of a “coming down” period after a weekend like we just had. I didn’t expect to feel that way, but I miss everyone already – and will surely be going to BlissDom ’10.

Here I Am, Writing A Teaser Post.

I spent a good chunk of time today in the car with my BFF road-trippin’ it back home from Nashville, where over 200 amazing women (and some men too, of course) invaded the Hotel Preston for the BlissDom Conference.

Tomorrow, I’ll get y’all all caught up with the magic of the weekend that I just had. Tonight, I’m just parking my butt on the couch and yes, catching up with the Twitter buzz about the conference (I’m not the only one going through withdrawal). We had some amazing sponsors, heard some inspiring speakers, heard some incredible music (from VERY ATTRACTIVE MEN), learned tons, and made new friends.