Thursday Ten: There’s a Thaw Outside

1. Yesterday, I went outside for a walk for the first time in months. Temps reached the mid 40s and I figured, “Why not?” Since many people never shoveled their sidewalks in the past few months (um. like us), I ended up walking in the streets – and the streets were filled with puddles, but even so, it was nice to be outside. This morning, I went for a nice little run. Here’s hoping spring really IS just around the corner.

2. For new music lately, I picked up the new album from The Civil Wars (lovely harmonies and calming melodies — I love it). Also, I preordered the new album from Adele, on the basis of hearing “Someone Like You.”

3. I did a bake sale this week to raise money towards my fundraising goal for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I spent all day Monday baking – cheesecake, cookies, and brownies (OH MY!). I was pleased to raise a few hundred bucks – it makes me happy that I can do something I love to support a cause I believe in. If you feel so inspired and would like to donate, you can click HERE. If you donate and would like me to send you cookies (AND I JUST MIGHT), let me know.

4. I, uh, watched American Idol last night. I like the beginning part when they’re all in Hollywood and they’re doing those group things and they fight and they all hate each other and it’s drama. Also, the group that decided that the show needed to be called “American Lapdance” and awkwardly serenaded Steven Tyler? That wasn’t at all weird to watch. *ahem*

5. This month, our book club is reading The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America. This book came highly recommended by a lot of my favorite people – but it’s off to a slow start. I was told by several different people the other day that they experienced that too – that it even took up to 100 pages to get into it – but I should be patient because it gets really GOOD. So, this is me. Being patient. On page 76.

6. I promised the girls I’d take them out to dinner tonight. Well, I told The Princess via a note in her lunch bag that we were going out to dinner tonight and to let me know when she got home where she picked for dinner. I also told her “NO McDONALDS!” We’ll see what she comes up with. I hope it’s something good. Unfortunately, she’s the kid that doesn’t like Chinese food OR Chipotle.

7. Sometimes I get a very random idea in my head, like, “Hmm, I think I’d like a fun pair of casual orange sneakers.” I really do want some. But I didn’t buy them. Yet. I’m not sure if these are “the ones”.

8. The folks from iRobot sent me a Roomba and let me tell you, you may be hearing more about it in the weeks to come. Or years. I’m kind of obsessed. That I can just push a button and walk away from it while it does the work? Bliss. He (it’s a he. Don’t ask me how I know this) is a source of entertainment for myself and the kids – they even  made my sister and husband come upstairs to look at him when they came over last night – and once I pick enough junk off the floor to do a full vacuum test, I’ll let you know more about it.

9. Sometimes I get ridiculous. I missed posting a FLIP SIDE picture on Tuesday. So I’m posting THREE today. Yeah. I’m sorry. You’re welcome?

10. I made the worst lasagna last night. I knew when I was making it that it wouldn’t be good, despite the fact that my kitchen smelled FANTASTIC. Too much ricotta cheese, not enough sauce. The thing was so dry, it was like I filled it with paste. Thank goodness I can bake otherwise the family would starve.