Thursday Ten: Technology Gets the Middle Finger Emoji Edition

1. After a few years of using a friend’s Mac Book Pro, I finally had to replace it and since my budget is not a Mac budget, I have a brand spanking new miserable sucktastic HP laptop. I’m trying to not hate it too much, because it seems an absurd first world problem to complain about a new computer but oh my god, makes me wish I had just gone into debt and bought a new MBP.

2. Like right now, I can make Lightroom work… unless I’m trying to import stuff then all bets are off. Why you gotta be like that, Lightroom?

3. SO, it stands that 2015 turns out to be the year all of the expensive things break and of course, of course, and a big ol raspberry to you.

4. Damn, like PCs have updates ALL. THE. TIME. What has happened since yesterday, you stupid machine?!

5. We have had what feels like unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan and it’s been kind of lovely – to go outside without a jacket in November? Yes please. I hate hot weather, but I will take 70 degrees over snow any time.

6. I gotta say, the middle finger emoji gets occasional use. In every skin tone. Because who knew I needed it more than I needed it more than I needed the taco emoji?

7. Resisting the Halloween candy is like a full time job that I’m not very good at.

8. I hated the Adele song the first time I listened to it and then I listened to it twelve more times and now I love it. Like the rest of the world.

9. The time change no  longer bothers me for the reason it did when my girls were younger (because now that they actually SLEEP, I do get my extra hour) but OH IT IS SO DARK SO EARLY and UGH.

10. I’ve seen a lot of stupidity shared on Facebook lately. WHile I know that I can be a jerk and very opinionated and very judgmental (not always, but yeah, it happens) – I usually utilize self censoring. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE ELSE?

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