Thursday Ten: Watching Greys Anatomy Reruns on Netflix edition

1. I know there was some wicked big stuff happening on Grey’s in the past few weeks but I haven’t watched it live in several years. I’m only on season seven so whatever it is that Shonda Rimes did that pissed off so many people (and trust, I KNOW WHAT SHE DID because hello, people, y’all spoiled it like two seconds after it happened) doesn’t really impact me yet because I’m only on season seven and I have a lot more people for her to kill off first before I catch up.

2. After a rather dismal few StitchFix boxes, I came home today to one that was pretty much knocked outta the park. Only one piece that didn’t entirely fit, and it may work with a cami underneath and if not? I have a kiddo who will LOVE that shirt because it’s chevron and chevron is her favorite.

3. Also, her birthday is two weeks from today and she’ll be 13 and so, early birthday gift?

4. I don’t like jelly. I ended up describing peanut butter yesterday as being a “lone wolf.” Peanut butter doesn’t need jelly. PEANUT BUTTER NEEDS NOTHING. You can quote me on that.

5. Yes. I amuse myself.

6. Listening to All Songs Considered on our way to Chicago last week, Chris and I heard The Staves “No Me No You No More.” And I immediately downloaded and have been listening to it ever since. Beautiful harmonies. Calming.

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7. In and out of Chicago in 24 hours last weekend. Not something I’d recommend but we were pretty happy to celebrate the wedding of some friends and road trippin’ with Chris is always fun (even though – poor guy – I slept most of the way back because I wanted to leave early so I could spend Mother’s Day with my daughters).

8. We tried Uber for the first time while in Chicago so that was pretty interesting. How country bumpkin of me is it to describe Uber as “interesting”? But… it was. I mean, cabs in general kinda squick me out and I’m always relatively certain that cab drivers never passed drivers training so I felt no more or less safe in an Uber. Comfier than vinyl cab seats.

9. I had a really good day today. In a sea of days that have been more than a little tough, today was a good day. Acknowledge. Smile. And strive for more of them.

10. Tomorrow’s Friday. This is the kid’s last FULL week of school for this year. There’s a weekend coming. How are YOU? Good, right?
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