Thursday Ten: A Little Bit of Rain, A Little Bit of Sun edition

1. What a difference a day makes. Rain. Sun. Closed. Open. It’s been a roller coaster lately and, y’know, I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. But sometimes you just want to say, “Hey Universe? Easy there, now. Just… slow…your…roll.”
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2. Work has been completely busy lately – I make progress and then… I’m still left with a full to do list. The days generally zip by, though, which is a very good thing.

3. “Mom, you’re so lucky to get to write all day!” said Pumpkin the other day. Sigh. I guess it’s hard for kiddos to realize that writing all day is different when writing all day is writing web content about things like updating your operating system and making sure your browser is up to date.

4. Took The Princess for a manicure the other day. Made an appointment for 6:30. Didn’t end up getting in until 7. A bridal party was taking over the whole place – and as soon as they walked out, the woman doing my nails said disgustedly, “They had a 5:30 appointment. They showed up at 6.” Why don’t people realize how rude it is to be late like that and how it’s a domino effect that doesn’t just impact YOU but the other people after you. Pffft. Rude bride lady.

5. We had two days of spring and now it’s nearly 80 degrees. Gah. Pure michigan.

6. What a week for birthdays! Happy birthday to Chris and to my dog – who share a birthday. One of them was five years old this week. One of them…is a little bit older.

7. Book club was at the local Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo – and whoohoo $2.99 margaritas. I only drank half of one – basically because my margaritas are way better. Also? I didn’t feel wasteful because y’know, $2,99 margarita.

8. I need to get more sleep. I keep meaning to go to bed earlier and then I look up and it’s midnight and hey self, you were supposed to be sleeping by now.

9. My oven has decided to stop working so that’s something new and exciting that’s happened. Seriously, after being in this house for 13 years, I’m afraid that all my appliances are going to start dying all at once. And that would NOT be a good thing.

10. I have a fridge full of leftovers. I don’t eat leftovers. I need to not save every darn thing every time. I can’t even remember when I made some of this stuff?

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