Thursday Ten: Better Late Than Never edition

1. I’m having trouble writing lately. Actually, that’s not really true – I’m composing posts in my mind all the time, but none of them yet have made it to the screen. And that’s probably okay – there’s a lot going on in this brain of mine lately. And one of these days I’ll write it down. Soon. Or not. I mean, why does the day only have 24 hours, anyway?

2. We’re not supposed to “glorify busy” but honestly? That’s really just the way it is.

3. Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome? It’s awesome.
321 | 365 - April 21, 2015

4. We’re wrapping up gymnastics season this weekend and I am pretty excited. Love to watch my girl compete, but it’s very time consuming and so I’m ready for a few months off from those four hour meets and long drives to get there.

5. I wanted to love the new Alabama Shakes album as much as I loved their previous. And it’s good but it’s so different than their first album. It sounds like they’ve been listening to a lot of D’Angelo lately. And, in general, it just doesn’t feel cohesive to me.

6. Wish I could make myself spend the $40 on Ryan Adams huge ol “Live at Carnegie Hall” collection. (I probably will. Slowly. I’ve already downloaded two songs.)

7. I am so far behind on listening to podcasts – and it’s funny because I haven’t listened to the radio in forever and sometimes it’s nice to have the talking in the car when I drive – it’s like I have company when I don’t. That sounds like a weird reason to like podcasts but it’s also because the radio station I listen to plays wretched dance remixes during the evening commute and that just sucks, so no.

8. I spent time with my niece and nephew today and they made me so ridiculously happy – the unabashed giggles of a toddler is enough to bring a smile to even the crankiest face.

9. Saturday is National Mani Pedi day and you better believe I have my appointment set because eventually the weather is going to be better again and I’mma be wearing flip flops.

10. Cheers to the people who go above and beyond. The people who make a difference – the people who make change. The people who make the world brighter.

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  1. Completely agree with the note about the giggles of small children. They turn the worst day around in seconds.

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