Thursday Ten: Picking Kernals Until Your Gums Bleed edition

1. I love popcorn. I don’t love when the kernals get stuck in between my teeth. When floss couldn’t reach it, I used my fingernail. Ow. What a gross picture I just painted for y’all. Whatever. Popcorn is good. Bloody gums, less good.

2. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! It should have been last week, but… you know, a thousand snow days. After today I have a fourth and a seventh grader which means that I’m still as old as dirt.

3. Had a great mother/daughter date with The Princess this weekend and took her to see The Fault in our Stars. We both read, and loved, the book prior. It was good to see the movie together and have the lights come up and see each other’s tear-streaked face. She’s now re-reading the book. I’m waiting for her to hurry up and be done so I can re-read.
4 | 365 - June 8, 2014

4. I’ve been under a bit of stress lately and I really wish sometimes that people would just do the right thing – ignore pride, ignore the need to “be right” and just do. the. right. thing. This thing where things that should be no-brainers are a battle? It is infuriating. Try harder, people, so I can be less stressed out.

5. A week of stress is a rotten time, by the way, to start using the Lose It app again and try to get a handle on emotional eating. Or perhaps it’s the best time. SIGH.

6. And instead of stress eating, you spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing fun little dresses on Modcloth and buy nothing because like you need one more thing to stress out about.

7. All week long, I’ve thought it was Friday. It’s been very disappointing every time I come to the realization that it’s not.

8. I would love to be able to binge watch season two of Orange is the New Black. Instead, I’ve only seen two episodes. Shhhh. Don’t tell me what happens.

9. With school now about over, I am going to have to get the girls back into the habit of “if you get it out, put it away.” Coming home to a messy house after I’ve been at work all day? Not fun. I’ve still got last week’s urge to just CLEAN all of the things and THROW IT ALL IN A DUMPSTER (I have the desire to clean, without the time to actually do it). Here’s hoping that I can get the kids to weed out some of the things they no longer need.

10. I am in need of a vacation. Stat. My grouchiness is reaching new heights.

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