Thursday Ten: I Miss My Short People Edition

1. My girls have been with their dad this week – summer schedule has started and while I suppose I’ll say more about that at some point, I’m having to adjust again to having them away from me for so long. It’s a weird feeling. I miss them and their noise. They come home tomorrow. I’ll be glad to have them back.

2. Chris and I were able to leave town this weekend which was lovely and calming and fantastic. We made amazing burgers and potatoes, we sat on the deck reading and drinking wine, and just got to spend some really great time together.

3. Summer storms are a lot better when I don’t have to drive in a torrential down pour. Also, summer storms are better when you can forget about how all that rain is going to make your lawn grow really tall and you’re gonna have to go mow it again.
14 | 365 - June 18, 2014

4. The girls and I went shopping the other night and I picked up a new book, Eleanor & Park, which is a YA novel and I have no shame about that. It’s gotten great reviews and I needed something I could maybe ease through, but first, I need to finish working my way through Natchez Burning by Greg Iles.It’s a great book, but it’s kind of dismal (euthanasia and racial tension and people getting murdered – all that perky stuff).

5. After a repair a handful of months ago, my 24-70 lens is already acting stupid again. Pfffft. Time to find something new. Something crisp and sharp and NOT WONKY.

6. I’m less than 100 days from the end of yet another 365 — and will likely keep rolling through and begin again. Started a second 365 a few weeks ago – nothing but black and white pictures and it’s been an interesting project, but only time will tell if i see it through to the end. Two 365s is kind of a lot to do at once.

7. Sometimes my brain doesn’t want to function and that’s when I get sucked into an Etsy and/or Pinterest rabbit hole.

8. I’ve been trying to eat healthfully for the last two days and I’m sure that has something to do with my brain’s inability to focus. It’s the cookie calories that make your brain work.

9. I let the girls take the pup with them this week – Pumpkin misses him when they’re at their dad’s – and I got my dog back tonight. (Kind of a bummer to have my dog back but not my girls, but I guess I’ll take what I can get) I missed him a lot, but just found myself telling him to get his butt off my arm, and I guess I could have done without that.

10. Chris said I should wrap my post by saying again how much I miss my kids, so there’s unity in my post, that it will tie everything together. But silly boy, there’s no unity in a Thursday Ten. That’s the beauty of it. Absolutely no need for coherent cookie thinking whatsoever. (But I do really miss my girls.)

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