Thursday Ten: A Stitch In Time edition

1. Got my first StitchFix delivery yesterday – I had been hoping for some fun, flowy summery dresses, so I was a bit disappointed on that front, but I’m definitely intrigued enough that I’ve already scheduled another “Fix” for July after giving some pretty thorough feedback. I really hate mall shopping, so I want this to be the answer. Time will tell.
277 | 365

2. The end of the school year is always the worst. Ten thousand activities, things to remember. Gah. It always seems that the schools cram SO MUCH into the last few weeks. Drives me bonkers. And wears me out, too.

3. Also, the girls are so antsy and energized and have short-timer syndrome that getting them to go to bed at night is like pulling teeth. Tuesday, Pumpkin lost a tooth and didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 that night. The “Tooth Fairy” was so worn out by the time Pumpkin finally zonked out that the Tooth Fairy maaaaaay have forgotten to stop by Tuesday night. Good thing she was finishing up her route Wednesday morning. Gah.

4. Is there anything more annoying than trying to figure out which smoke detector is chirping in a house with over a dozen smoke detectors?

5. I helped The Princess with her homework last night. I did algebra AND: I GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER. While I couldn’t describe it to her in words, I was able to explain the steps I did after I had done it — I spend so much of my time most days with words! Good to know I can still number.

6. The kids aren’t the only ones not getting enough sleep. I’m pretty sure that I’m not either. A lot of stress and a lot on my mind. I wish for a bit of calm. Maybe once school gets out.

7. Went to Chicago the other day to watch Debbie and Barbara cross the finish line for the Chicago Avon Walk – felt weird to not be walking with them, but the plan is still to walk in NYC this October. I don’t know how that will go without Debbie and Barbara – I’ve never done a walk without them, but I love New York and I can’t wait to see what I see during 40 miles on foot around the city.
dear chicago you'll never guess

8. The So You Think You Can Dance audition rounds are on and there was a performance last night that made me cry – sometimes I just don’t *get* dancing, and sometimes it kicks you in the brain.

9. Woke up yesterday with the urge to rent a dumpster and just CLEAN. HOUSE. So much clutter and junk we don’t need anymore. We start today. The girls are going to go through their playroom and get rid of the stuff they don’t need. Next week, we tackle dressers and closets. I’m just tired of so much useless STUFF.

10. I think I know what smoke detector is chirping. Thank god.

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