Thursday Ten: My Life Is Being Ruled By the Kids’ Schedules edition

1. Yesterday I got home nearly 13 hours exactly after I left for work in the morning and OH MY GOD I AM OFFICIALLY SO OVER THE EXTRACURRICULARS THAT ARE TAKING UP SO MUCH TIME. It’s two days a week but dang, after work, I just want to get home and get some dinner on the table and work out, if I’m lucky. Last night, I did none of that. I grabbed dinner from a drive thru (and I hate fast food for the most part) and basically put on my pajamas the instant I walked in the door. I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING. And I hate that.

2. May 1. How on earth is it May 1? Whoa, 2014, you are flying.

3. I have an appointment to get my hair colored today because ugh, gray. I wish I could be content with the whole aging gracefully thing but basically I don’t want to so I’m going to.

4. Spent the weekend in Chicago last weekend and it was amazing. I love Chicago, love being in the city. Chris and I had some amazing gelato at Black Dog Gelato and I’m pretty sure there will be a repeat visit in my future (salted peanut gelato? YUM). It was good to have that change of scenery, as well. I’ve been feeling run down with all of the stuff in my schedule (see Item #1), so I needed some down time. It was a good thing.
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5. Dots candy are the best.

6. Sometimes I get sucked in to looking at Etsy and there’s really nothing I need but it all looks so wonderful anyway. The latest rabbit hole was chalkboard lettering prints, though…some people don’t get it. No one would write in comic sans on a chalkboard.

7.If someone asked you to say five nice things about yourself, how long would it take you to come up with five? It took me far too long. It’s tough! Maybe the number one great thing about me is that I don’t have a huge ego?

8. Anyway: Say five nice things about yourself, in the comments: Go.

9. I’ve done a third of my Avon Walk fundraising! It’s the most intimidating part, so I’m always relieved to see progress. Still a long ways to go, though.

10. I had lunch with my former coworkers a few days ago and I am again relieved that I gained real friendships from that experience. They are all amazing women. That they tell me how much they miss me at the office is just extra. (It’s nice to be missed.)

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