Thursday Ten: Preventative Healthcare FTW edition

1. Whoohoo! I have insurance! Whoohoo! Just in time for my yearly appointment with my dermatologist to have my moles checked out. I’m a bit mole-y, and though I’ve had no problems ever, there is a history of skin cancer and other cancers in my family. So, once a year I go and get checked over and my doc uses some iphone app to see if the moles are staying the same and it’s all very bizarre, but you know, better safe than sorry.

2. Work has been VERY. VERY. BUSY. And that’s good stuff, except a) I’m still learning and b) learning when a place is insanely busy like that is exponentially tougher. It’s been challenging and there have been some days this week where I have felt completely drained. I can see where, once I get through this learning curve, I’m going to find my stride. For now? Trying to learn while everyone is too busy to breathe is tough. I CAN’T WAIT TO NOT BE NEW!

3. I’m so hooked on the 2048 game and I STILL HAVEN’T BEAT THE DAMN THING.

4. Pumpkin’s Girl Scout troop leader quit the other day amidst what must’ve been some sort of dramatic behind the scenes accounting issues because the letter she sent home was…dramatic. Also, “I can’t balance a checkbook” is apparently a reason to quit leading Scouts. Don’t get me wrong, I give her credit for running the group as long as she did – and I probably won’t have done it – but what the heck, lady.

5. Gymnastics season is OVER for the year. The Princess is talking about taking dance for awhile instead. I have all these awful visions of Dance Moms in my head. Do. Not. Want. Her. To. Do. Dance. The reality is that I’ll support whatever she chooses to do – but the thought of dance and stupid recital outfits and all the makeup for shows, ugh. It doesn’t appeal to me for my daughter.

6. So, baseball season started and that means absolutely nothing to me. TOUCHDOWN! (Just kidding!)

7. Speaking of sportsball, this year has been my absolute worst worst worst showing for my March Madness bracket. All my teams managed to bite the dust early on so I haven’t really paid much attention this year – even though I usually LOVE it. Boo.

8. Drove to Detroit last weekend in the new-to-me Prius. It was pretty awesome watching my fuel efficiency in action – I’m so easily amused by that miles per gallon measure. It’s also interesting to see what has an impact on your fuel economy – your speed, whether your heat is on, whether you’re using the bluetooth, all that stuff seems to play into it.


10. It’s very nearly Friday. I hate to wish my weeks away, but I’m pretty sure I need a Friday.

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