Thursday Ten: Oh Look I Have A Blog edition

1. One of these days I really WILL follow through when I say I’ll write on a day other than Thursday. This week, unfortunately, is probably not that week. And it’s too bad, too, because I’ve got this awesome post about Shel Silverstein books and National Poetry Month marinating in drafts (BUY THE BOOKS. Except The Giving Tree, because the Giving Tree is crap).

2. Work is very busy – and while I’m not complaining! – I still feel very new, very fresh and very behind the curve. I want to do an exceptional job on everything! And it’s hard to do when there’s so MUCH to do. And when work emails come in after hours, I’m tempted to dig in and solve the problems and do what needs to be done but I’m fighting the urge because…

3. Work-life balance, man. I don’t really do it well. Business idea – take it, please – an email app that automagically (WHY DIDN’T AUTOCORRECT CORRECT THAT?!) turns off work email after a certain time and on weekends. Sure, I can turn on DND on my iPhone, but that would turn off all my emails and I don’t want to do that. Because I cannot be trusted to not read work emails on a Saturday morning, I should somehow be prevented from doing so.

4. Love me some latte art. Was glad to continue the latte tour of Grand Rapids with Chris over the weekend, trying a lovely coffee shop that I’d driven past but never before tried.
232 | 365

5. Now that the weather is warming up, the fuel economy of my Prius is EVEN BETTER. God, I love that car. (Except when I, uh, forgot to turn it off the other day. I remembered, of course. It’s just that it’s so quiet! And it’s a push button. AND OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO TURN OFF MY CAR.)

6. I caved and signed up for StitchFix this week because I’m tired of my clothes and I really hate shopping. But they’re so busy that my first “Fix” won’t be coming until June. When it does, you’ll hear about it.

7. I’m planning on walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this fall- want to support me? Click the link to donate!

8. I’m back to using the Lose It app because I’m back to not being able to breathe in my pants. Sigh.

9. Diners Drive Ins and Dives would be way better if Guy Fieri wasn’t such a tool.

10. I have made plans to do something spring like and color-y to my hair. Mostly because the gray is now winning. Because those 10 gray hairs are more noticeable than the billion brunette ones. Sigh. Aging. Whee?

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