Thursday Ten: Raising My Middle Fingers to Winter edition

1. A giant resounding EFF YOU to winter. As I was driving (slowly, I might add – I’m a cautious driver!) to work yesterday, I hit a patch of ice. My car spun across the two lane road and then? Smashed into a telephone pole. I’m okay – sore, but okay – my MamaVan, on the other hand? Well. Ouch.
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2. So I’m not sure what to do next. It’s a 9 year old vehicle with damn near 200,000 miles on it. Depending on the cost of the repair, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Clearly I’ll know more in the next few days. I was anticipating needing to get a new car this year… I just figured it’d be on MY terms, not Mother Nature’s. But, you know… just in case: what do you drive and do you love it?

3. It was awesome to email my boss yesterday and say, “I was in a car accident – I will be late for work…” and have his first response to me be, “Are you okay?” It hasn’t been quite three weeks yet (almost!) but I like where I am, and I love that they’re people-focused.

4. Currently reading the new book by Wally Lamb and so far I’m loving it. I love his writing, and have since “She’s Come Undone.”

5. Sometimes I shake my head at the news. Well. Usually I shake my head at the news.

6. Pumpkin decided to try Girl Scouts this year and the cookies arrive next week. Confession: I don’t like Girl Scout Cookies. They’re not that great, they’re too small, and they just seem inadequate. Hashtag Homemade Cookies For Lyfe. Or something.

7. Have I mentioned lately how much I haaaaaate winter?

8. My sister needs to get her gall bladder removed tomorrow. I don’t even know what a gall bladder does, but whatever it is, hers isn’t doing it right. So here’s hoping the surgery goes smoothly and recovery is speedy.

9. I bought the ingredients for brownies but didn’t actually make brownies. That either shows incredible restraint or pure stupidity.

10. I’m finally caught up on old episodes of Parenthood so that I can finally start watching right when they air on TV. You would think this isn’t a very big deal but you’d be wrong.

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