Thursday Ten: Potholes or Po-tholes Edition

1. The Princess said a kid in one of her classes mispronounced the word “potholes” as “puh-tholes” and now that’s what I think when I’m driving, “Gah, I hope these poTHOLES don’t mess with my tires!” Related: holy freaking potholes, Michigan.

2. Expecting temperatures above freezing – FINALLY – soon and I am glad. I’m so tired of being cold. Also, I’d love for some of this snow to be gone.

3. Song I’m in love with this week? Sara Bareilles, “I Choose You.”

4. Nearly two weeks in to my new job and so far? I think it’s going okay. I still hate feeling like I’ve got that “new kid smell” (er, or somethin’…), but I think this is gonna be okay.

5. Glad to have my favorite lens home.
we may pass violets looking for roses

6. I’m never going to be one of those people who thinks Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong, but I admit I felt a bit of a kinship when I saw her trip over an orange traffic cone on the Oscar red carpet. I would SO do that. If they let me anywhere near the red carpet.

7. Pumpkin is working on a book report for school and she’s so excited about the project. I love when teachers can craft an assignment that makes kids genuinely enthusiastic about the project. Granted, my kids are readers – so no great challenge there – but they’ve created a cool project alongside the reading and she’s been hard at work on it already…and it’s not due for three more weeks.

8. The thing about working full time is OH MY GOD WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME TO CLEAN MY HOUSE? (I realize that there are some of you in that school of, “Your kids are only young once and let the house be messy and there will be time to clean when they’ve moved out” and yeah, that’s basically what I’m doing now, living in clutter and instead of spending time cleaning, I’m spending time with my kids but y’all? This is not gonna fly. I don’t like mess.)

9. I miss guitar lessons.

10. I have been told a few times in the past few days that I look happier than I have in awhile, and I am I am I am but whoa nelly, I’m tired. Adjusting is tough stuff. Can’t wait until life feels a bit more routine than it does right now. If you have any tips for work and life balance, lemme know in the comments.


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