Thursday Ten. On Friday. I Got Sidetracked edition

I still haven’t solved the whole “not having a car” problem but I have plans to look at vehicles this weekend. What I’ve reinforced over the past week is that car salespeople be crazy. And I be…not stupid enough to fall for gimmicks, and too easily annoyed to be tolerant of it. If I give you a budget, don’t show me things outside of that budget. I’m not going to overextend myself on a car. I may want to, but I can’t and so I won’t. Refusal to adhere to my stated objectives DRIVES ME BONKERS in sales people. You’re not listening? I’m not buying.

Picked up Pumpkin’s Girl Scout cookie order yesterday for delivering and the troop leader was pointing out that other people sold hundreds versus our measly 50. Look, lady – I’m somewhat of a cookie purist. Not busting my tail to sell boxed cookies.

200 | 365

MARCH MADNESS BABY. Are your brackets ready? You may or may not be surprised that I created an ESPN group for me and Chris to compete with our brackets (competitive streak, whut?). I kinda dig that he indulges me my March Madness craziness, and even joins in the fun. (Who’d you pick to win it all?)

Like nearly every other parent on the planet, I bought “Frozen” on DVD this week. I can’t wait to sit down and watch it with my kiddos.

First day of spring, huh? Hmmmph. Yeah. Not sure I believe spring will ever come.

Oh look. It’s Friday. I didn’t post this yesterday. My schedule? Is bonkers. Ab-so-lute-ly BONKERS. I know that most people work these traditional schedules and they do just fine, but I haven’t done it in over eight years. I’m struggling to adjust but – I really like my job. I’ll find my groove at some point. In the meantime, I keep saying I need to do more crock pot cooking…AND I MEAN THAT.

I wore cute shoes last Friday. Heel blisters ever since. Boo. [I first typed that as “hister bleels” – it’s been a long week.]
I have a lot of drafts in my email and I wonder if that’s normal. How many drafts do you typically have? Are you like me, do you write things for purposes other than email and leave them in drafts to save them? Or do you really mean to send actual emails (I don’t send enough actual emails)?

Since I’ve started writing this, Duke lost and broke my bracket. THANKS FOR NOTHING, DUKE.

Finally finished the book I’ve been reading for over a week. Always a fan of Wally Lamb and “We are Water” didn’t disappoint (it did stress me out a bit, though). It’s not an easy read, but it’s a good read.
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