thursday ten: i have wheels again edition

1. So, that whole not having a vehicle situation has been resolved. I purchased a new (to me) Toyota Prius after several visits to car dealerships. One of the managers of the lot is the husband of someone I know and I made him aware up front just how UNPLEASANT my shopping experience had been at other dealerships. He arranged for an excellent sales person to help me out – one that didn’t pressure or annoy. It was a GREAT shopping experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the savings at the gas pumps with my Prius.

2. The thing is, after getting in a car accident because of snow and ice, the last thing you want to do is drive on snow and ice and guess what? WINTER WILL NOT GO AWAY. Tuesday morning’s snow had me taking a massive detour to avoid the stretch of road where I had hit the patch of ice that sent me spinning into the telephone pole weeks before. Years of no problems at all and all it takes is one to terrify me.

3. Relieved my first season of girl scout cookie sales is over. What a pain in the ass those things are. Delivering them, collecting money, and driving to the troop leader’s house to pick up and drop off stuff and she lives no where near anywhere I want to go. Anyway. Whatever. Done.

4. Chris and I finally finished watching Season Two of House of Cards last week and dang… I’m curious where it goes from here. And, now I’m just counting down for the new season of Orange is the New Black. Okay, I’m not really counting, but I’m out of stuff to watch so yeah.

5. I got new glasses this week! I RARELY wear glasses at all (I just don’t love the way things look when I wear glasses because I’m so used to my contacts) and my prescription was well over four years old (whooooops). So, new frames. They’re pretty adorable. I may actually wear them in public on purpose.

6. That 2048 game… I’m addicted. I played while walking on the treadmill last night – ended up walking five minutes longer than I had intended. So what if I can never win, at least I’m getting exercise.

7. I still need new jeans. After getting through the stress of car shopping, you would think this would be easy peasy but you’d be wrong because THIGHS.

8. You know what would be awesome? Spring.

9. While I really dig my new job, adjusting to the schedule has yet to get easier. For the first time in a long time, there is a huge amount of importance on the weekends because those are the only days I can sometimes find time to get things done. Even that’s been tough, what with the car shopping and gymnastics hooey. I’m going to have to get better at relaxing on the weekends because WHOA AM I TIRED.

10. If I’m tired I really should make myself go to sleep earlier and yet… I don’t.

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