Thursday Ten: #DieGroundhogDie Edition

1. Mother Nature is not winning any points with me this winter. I am fed up with her nonsense and I have been saying that for a few months now but THISTIME I REALLY MEAN IT.

2. February is usually the month where I’m so fed up with Michigan that I’m ready to bolt for warmer climes, but I’ve been feeling that way for over a month now,so who knows what February will bring.

3. It is good to know, when times are tough, that you have people cheering you on and wishing you well. Conversely, it’s disheartening when times are tough thatthere are those who still can’t seem to behave like human people. What I’ve found over the past few weeks that compassion is both in great supply, yet it is extremely rare.

4, That thing where you’re waiting for an important email and instead you keep getting emails from Victoria’s Secret and the Gap. Ugh.

5. So, I watched parts of the SuperBowl last weekend even though it’s not really my thing and you know I learned a few things: a) I don’t go all gaga over Bruno Mars like nearly every other person I know; b) I don’t rage about commercials, even dumb ones.

6. The Top Chef finale – did anyone else watch? What did you think?

7. Today? Newborn portraits for the nephew! I need some fun work after a gruesome week.

8. This week has TRULY been gruesome. Training people to do your job after you go? Man. It’s a bitter pill to swallow and I’m struggling with it. I have some very low moments sometimes and it’s tough because I cannot do anything about it. It just IS so I have to let go…if only letting go were easier.

9. Having a chance to spend some time with Chris this weekend will help. Our plans include not really having plans (yet making and eating amazing food). I’m looking forward to a bit of unstructured time to just relax and decompress together, to
10. New music from Ingrid? Yes please.

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