Thursday Ten: My Head Hurts edition

1. No, not just a figure of speech. I have been battling it out with migraines this past week. Three days of the past five, I have had a migraine. One excruciating day, two sort of awful days. The dead give away for me with migraines is that I become increasingly sensitive to the way things smell. Last night, I walked into my bathroom and I could smell The Princess’s shampoo from her shower an hour before. *gag* It’s usually very pleasant smelling shampoo. Unless I have a headache.

2. Not only am I hooked (several years late) on Parenthood, I’m kind of hooked on the music they choose for it. A lot of great discoveries have come from my Netflix Parenthood marathons.

3. Our annual holiday cookie decorating party is this weekend. I’m looking forward to the fun, not looking forward to the mess. But the kids love it and frankly, so do I.

4. My efforts to eat healthier would be more successful if it weren’t for cookie parties and migraine-inspired saltine cracker binges. Sigh. May be time to start using the LoseIt app again.

5. I hate when my days are too busy to come up with real photos and it’s just OH HELLO IT’S JUST ME TAKING PICTURES IN MY BATHROOM MIRROR AGAIN.
stop or i'll shoot

6. My life is kind of revolving around taxiing children and getting them where they need to go these days. It happens and it’s part of the way things go but I feel like I haven’t made a real meal in ages and that I spend a lot of time planning the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be. Yesterday, I was go-go-go all day until I finally got to settle in after 8 p.m. I didn’t even work out. And then I binged on saltine crackers. Sigh.

7. I made it through the month of November and the daily writing but i am SO RELIVED that the obligation to write daily is done. I needed a break from having anything to say. Especially since I’m all full of feelings and stuff lately.

8. Gymnastics season rolls on this weekend. Here’s hoping that The Princess’s vault is better this week than at her last meet. She’s been working on it, and knows there’s room for improvement, so I guess we’ll see.

9. My favorite part of winter is my dry hands. No wait. My chapped lips. No wait. The fact that everyone drives like their feet are glued to the brake pedal.

10. Chris has promised me that when my job thing settles, he’ll make me his famous pasta dish. I can’t decide what I want more – this amazing pasta or a steady income. It’s a toss up.


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