Thursday Ten: NaBloPoMo Style edition

1. Well, so far so good, right? I am waiting until I run out of ideas on Day 16. Thank goodness I have books to review.

2. Not to be another voice shouting into the wind about how awful the time change is but YOU GUYS! Did you know that the time change is really awful? I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since falling back. Tell me exactly why it is that we put ourselves through this?

3. I may have caved in to retail therapy – a cheap pair of very sassy orange shoes. Mostly because I had a credit on Amazon. Aren’t they fun?

4. I started Christmas shopping this week – figuring that it’d be best spreading out the expense over the next two months. The Princess has decided that she LOVES giraffes, so I combined her love of giraffes with her love of baking and ordered a super cute giraffe cookie cutter. The cookie cutter was less than two bucks. The shipping was $4. (It was part of a large Amazon order and had I looked at that part of it closely, I may have canceled that purchase, but she’ll love it.)

5. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat cereal for three meals a day (if you don’t care about nutrients or anything dumb like that). Also, budget grocery shopping has made me more likely to buy sugary cereals because I’m a chump and they’re always on sale (don’t try to take my Golden Grahams away from me).

6. In looking for an old Kina Grannis video (the one with jelly beans), and stumbled over this song she did with Marie’ Digby. It’s pretty. And on a rainy blah gray overtired week, sometimes pretty harmonies is a reasonable cure.

7. It’s getting difficult to resist all the leftover Halloween candy in the house. It’s also getting difficult to resist Starbucks Salted Caramel Mochas when they KEEP EMAILING ME COUPONS. People! I’m trying to fit into my pants, here.

8. The Princess took one of my favorite travel mugs to school and accidentally knocked it off her desk…smashing the ceramic mug all over the floor. She cried while telling me. Part of me wanted to be frustrated – I really loved that mug – and part of me (the bigger part) knows it’s really NOT that big of a deal. I couldn’t be upset with her. She was honest with me, she knew it meant something to me, and it meant something to her that it meant something to me. In the over all scheme of things, that matters, you know? Had she come home and acted like it wasn’t a big deal – it might have been a bigger deal. I don’t know if that makes sense, but, you know. Whatever. But she gets the plastic mugs from here on out.

9. It’s only November and mood is already shot. How am I going to make it through another Michigan winter. I don’t like gray skies or being cold. May be time to cave and buy a happy light.

10. One kid at a birthday party last week (she got to ride a horse!), the other has one this weekend. None of that fun stuff for me, thanks. I think I’ll just sit at home and clean. (I think I spend four days a week cleaning my house. How is it messy again?)
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