Thursday Ten: Gratitude edition

I don’t really know how to write this Thanksgiving Thursday Ten post – because it seems a no brainer that I should write what I’m thankful for. Yet, I hate the idea of running the risk of being cheesy and cliche. And then I remembered, I am cheesy and cliched, so…. without further adieu – some stuff I’m thankful for. It’s not all serious.

1. I am thankful for love. To love, to be loved – it is what gets me through the toughest of days. There are people in my life who love me, people I love – and everything feels a little better when you know you’re not walking through the world alone. I’m not alone. And that’s… it’s really an amazing thing.

2. My new ritual at night is to watch episodes of Parenthood until my eyes get heavy. I’m thankful for Netflix streaming.

3. I have a roof over my head. An expensive roof, but it’s mine. And though I don’t know how it happens, I keep managing to keep a roof over our head and I’m so very proud of myself. Every month, writing that check for that mortgage payment is both an extreme bummer and a tremendous joy. “I did it!” I think to myself. I’m pretty pleased that I’m doing it. Even though I am really starting to hate home ownership.

4. I am actually slightly phobic of running out of things to read and so I’m thankful for books and magazines. Necessity has made me pare down my list of magazine subscriptions – but if I can get a deal, I will subscribe. I’ve also quit buying so many books – but I’ve found which library near by has the biggest selection. That’s some good information to know.

5. My body is capable of doing the things I need it to do. I don’t always love the shape I’m in, but I’m healthy. I am capable. I am strong. I have a break a sweat daily philosophy that I’m able to maintain because my body allows me to.

6. Moments of peace. Falling asleep listening to a heartbeat. Curling up in the couch with a book. Standing at the stove, sauteeing a pan of veggies. Sipping a mug of tea at the table. Peace shows itself in many ways.

7. I always thought that whole “It takes a village” frame of mind was a little bit of hooey – because I have always very much been an “I’ll do it myself” kinda woman, but…I am grateful for friends and family who are willing to help me out. A friend who gets the girls to school in the morning, a sister that fills in when there’s no school, acquaintances from book club who offer to get my kids to school if I’m stuck. My stepdad who can recommend someone to call when the furnace behaves badly. I’m nowhere without the people who help me, make my life easier.

8. I admit, I’m more than a little stressed out about life and how it’s all going to work out but there are people who have faith when I don’t have faith, people who believe that everything will be okay – those people make me almost believe that I will be able to get by again someday.

9. Hooded sweatshirts. I love me some hoodies. Aw yeah.

10. The ability to make new beginnings. I don’t know where I’m going or if I’ll get there. I have no idea where the stops along the way will be or whether or not things will get easier but I am grateful for a chance to start over, to try again, to have a fresh start. I’m terrified sometimes – I crave certainty and there’s not much in my life that is certain – but here I am, doing the best I can, and even though it’s far more chaotic than I’d like – I needed to start over.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Sending love and mashed potatoes,


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