Day 8: I’m Not Ready For the Cold

I guess summer is over

I have issues with weather.

I don’t like when it’s too hot. I don’t like when it’s too cold. There’s a very narrow margin of perhaps three to seven weeks each year when I am happy with weather in West Michigan. Perhaps I’m spoiled from years of living in California – the Bay Area not the desert like temps you’d imagine, but a pretty solid and steady year round temperature that I could live with. Temps that didn’t involve snow or a longing for central air conditioning.

There are weather variances here from year to year and it’s hard to tell what a season will bring until you’re in the midst of it. I was grateful for a not-too-hot summer, given that I was making a concerted effort to not over use my AC.

This summer, more than any other in my adult life, I embraced the laziness of grilling on a summer night, sitting around a patio table in the glow of candles, slapping away mosquitos and talking until exhaustion moved in. We ate sriracha burgers at this table (twice!), skirt steak tacos, ribs, and various other things I can’t remember because there was a lot of cooking this summer. Listening to Fourth of July fireworks, sharing a bottle of wine, listening to people argue about politics (argue about politics? Me? NEVER). Dredging up old school music memories. Shielding plates from lurking dogs (my dog? King of snatching food from plates).

Yesterday, we raked his yard. Leaves blanketed the ground – made me grateful that my own small tree doesn’t make much mess, and my unfenced yard allows those leaves to blow away. The table was covered. The lantern filled with sand from a Lake Michigan beach nearly full with rain water. As we raked, my hands grew numb and I was eager to warm my hands on a mug of coffee.

While fall has already brought amazing meals (We ate a beef burgundy on Halloween that was delightfully delicious and rich and comforting). I know that we’ll still find a way to make and enjoy amazing meals together and with friends, I’ll miss the relaxed vibe of lingering around a table while the sky grows dark above.

I hated summer less this year, in the shade of the trees.

The days are getting shorter, and I think I saw snow yesterday.

I’m not ready. I don’t know that there will ever be a year that I welcome snow, but this year, I really dread it.

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