Day 14: Thursday Ten: Sniffly Sneezy Stuff Head edition

1. I have a cold. I have a cold and I’m trying to guzzle water like crazy (which actually isn’t difficult because I’m so thirsty and ice water is tasting super delicious). Guessing my daily vitamin C hasn’t done the trick (I keep the bottle of vitamins in my car so I don’t forget to take them). It’s nothing world ending, just… well, I’m out of Kleenex and have a roll of toilet paper sitting on an etagere in my living room and there’s really nothing classier than having a roll of toilet paper in your living room. BRB, need another glass of water.

2. Sometimes my reflection isn’t my favorite. I said I would be nicer to myself this week. I’m kind of exhausted – and it shows.
close my eyes then i won't see

3. For the stress that work causes, I realized yesterday that most of my department is very strong. Our skill sets overlap a tiny bit – enough that we can swoop in and help each other out when need be. My work situation is less than ideal – because hi, 24 hours a week – but just yesterday, four of us wandered back and forth from one desk to another, each of us helping each other out in various ways, getting things done. I think that’s awesome.

4. Every time I have to look up something on Urban Dictionary, I die a little inside.

5. I finally took the plunge and bought…eye make up remover wipes. Why? My new mascara is pretty awesome but doesn’t wash off easily. You can only wake up so many mornings looking like you have a black eye before you take action.

6. I think sometimes of taking a vacation planned solely around getting tacos as all the best places.

7. A busy week coming up with The Princess’s school musical AND her first gymnastics meet of the season, plus my stepfather is having surgery. I could do without such a chaotic week, but we’ll be even more thankful (heh) the week after when all of this is behind us and it’s Thanksgiving! (Bonus: Thanksgiving food. I LOVE Thanksgiving food.)

8. I’m done with winter already. Can we fast forward to spring thaw?

9. I now have my grandma’s dresser in my closet because she doesn’t have room for it in the nursing home and Pumpkin isn’t ready to give up her dilapidated dresser (emotionally attached to a dresser – a girl who loves her furniture. I can relate). But I don’t want to actually put anything in it, because once I do, I know that will be when she decides she’s ready for it… and then I’ll have to empty it. So, yeah. Empty dresser, taking up space, and waiting for an eight year old to love it. Super.

10. Television commercials for perfume boggle my mind. You know that stuff could totally smell like skunk pee and you couldn’t tell from a commercial. Why bother? Have you ever seen a perfume commercial and thought to yourself, “Well, I really liked the way that woman walked! I bet it’s because she smells so good! I better go to the store!” No, you probably haven’t.

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