Day 13: I Cried While Watching Parenthood and I Don’t Even Have PMS

In my ongoing quest to not need a crane to tear the roof off my house to lift me out, I remain committed to my daily (almost daily) workout routines. The weather is getting colder and my hip is acting elderly, so lately workouts have been 45 minutes of the Nike Training App while watching television – don’t judge, it works. I get moving and if I’m entertained, it’s easier for me to block out the fact that there are a stack of cupcake cookbooks on the table by the door and shreds of tug of war dog rope strewn across the floor.

I digress.

Last night, I took a break from watching HGTV during my workout and instead played an episode of Parenthood. I’d watched the first episode of the first season on Sunday afternoon, so it was time for episode two.

I might have cried.

More than once.

I cried for the parents coping with their son’s Aspergers diagnosis.

I got a little misty about the bitchy mom wars (stay at home versus work outside the home moms – my least favorite war. YUCK).

And I cried at the scene where Sarah is interviewing for a job. And then I cried when she didn’t get the job.

Perhaps it is because I’m also a Sarah who is job hunting. Or a single mom. Or because my hair will never look as good as Lauren Graham’s. But when she sat across from the interviewer, eyes welling with tears and almost pleadingly says, “I really want this job,” my heart damn near broke in half for her.

(Perhaps this is why I should stick to HGTV…)

I took my daughters to a local animal shelter the other day and we signed up to be foster dog-parents. It’s kind of cool, actually: you go to the shelter, pick out a dog, take it home for the weekend (they’ll even provide you with dog food). They only ask that you post to the shelter’s social media sites to let potential owners know about the dog – is it good with kids? Other animals? What’s its personality like?

I have no intention of getting another dog right now. I like our dog; he’s a good protector. I can’t afford another dog. I don’t want to spend what little free time I have vacuuming up dog hair from the inevitable black lab the girls would talk me into.

But, we have love to give. I think some of these dog weekends might be okay.

Already the cold weather is bringing me down. Yesterday was the first day this season where Reynaud’s turned my fingers white and made them ache. Got a long few months ahead of me.

It’s a bizarre moment when you see someone in a television show or a movie and that person is battling similar battles as you are. Not that you think you’re a special little snowflake (and by you, I mean me), but the feelings that you feel that isolate you,

i really want this job

and you realize that there’s nothing special about the way you’re feeling. There’s nothing new under the sun. Moms have struggled before you, moms will struggle along side you, and they’ll struggle long after your struggle is over.

You should probably stick to HGTV.

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