Thursday Ten: I Wonder if Breaking Bad Has Sparked an Increase of Sales of Tighty Whities edition

1. I couldn’t imagine so but people are weird and if I lived in a warmer climate and I was a guy and I had no shame, I think I’d be Underpants Walter for Halloween. If you are a guy, and you live in a warm climate, and you have no shame YOU MAY STEAL MY IDEA.

2. And because while I’m on the subject – AMC kicked off its Breaking Bad marathon last night. From season one, episode one. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched them so it’s amazing how it all began.

3. ArtPrize mode! There are fewer and fewer pieces each year that take my breath away, that resonate with me on an emotional reason (whatever that reason may be). I walk by a lot of art feeling nothing at all. It’s so subjective, that it’s part of the reason this contest (and it IS a contest after all) blows my mind. You’ve got the public, most of us who don’t know a damn thing about art, deciding what’s good. Sometimes…the results are less than favorable.
Wield | Jesse Meyer

4. We had a team building exercise at work last week (it’s a post that is kind of percolating in my head right now) and one of the things we talked about was how we tend to view change as a bad thing. There are a lot of good changes in life – I can name quite a few things off hand – but why is it that when we think change, the reaction is, “Bleeeergh!” – as if change was never a good thing? Poor change and its bad rep.

5. I have never tried to twerk and I don’t plan on changing that.

6. It’s amazing how weird a part time job schedule can make one’s life schedule. You’d think I’d have all this free time but you’d be wrong. Life has a way of intervening. Last week I spent Thursday afternoon with a kiddo who didn’t feel well, a headache following the Noggin v Beam Incident. Free time has a way of filling itself. Except Sunday. Sunday just drags on and on endlessly.

7. Less than three weeks until I turn 37 and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

8. I’ve been doing really well at eating more healthfully – until Tuesday. And yesterday. SIGH. Back on track today. REALLY. It makes such a huge difference, not just mindlessly eating (that we had an office birthday yesterday afternoon at the point where I wanted a snack and I ate some rich chocolate thing instead of my yogurt… whoops).

9. It costs $60 to overnight a Canon battery charger from Michigan to Florida. So I didn’t do it. I was going to. Had it been half the cost, I would have. Here’s hoping my kid learns to always pack her charger when she packs her camera. Sigh. Rough lesson to learn. Hope she found a way to charge.

10. I love the fall weather. Sunny and warm-ish during the day. Cool enough for sleeping at night. You know how much I whine about the weather. Embrace my autumn weather love. This is BLISS.

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