Thursday Ten: Art Shmart Edition

1. ArtPrize is back and kicked off yesterday in Grand Rapids, though pieces have been appearing little by little over the past week or so. While I’m not sure I understand the fascination with driftwood or dragons (I have yet to see a dragon made out of driftwood), I am definitely eager to do some more wandering around the city to see what is out there this year.
Who Is Responsible Here?

2. In the continuing saga of my basement…I’m waiting to hear from the insurance company to find out what to do next. The carpet…doesn’t look good in spots. So, I’m not looking forward to having a project that involves schlepping carpet up the stairs and outta my house and HEY THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF HOME RENOVATION I WANTED TO DO. It is what it is, though, and the only way out is through. Gotta roll with it. Even if IT is moldy carpet.

3. I was given a gift card to Amazon and I decided to treat myself (finally) to the Civil Wars latest album which has actually been out for a bit, but… better late than never. One of the songs is a cover of “Disarm,” originally performed by the Smashing Pumpkins. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Smashing Pumpkins? (Lingering effect from a college boyfriend who worshipped Billy Corgan and crew and played their mediocre music incessantly so I just got to the point where I pretty much hated all of it except “Soma” and “Empty.” I DIGRESS.). Anyway, The Civil Wars cover “Disarm.” It’s lovely and not even revolting.

4. The Princess tried out for the school musical – she won’t find out if she got a lead part until Friday but I am just so darn proud of her anyway. Getting up and singing in front of people is nerve wracking and she did it!

5. Life is too short to read bad books. I’ve felt that way for awhile – it means that I will stop reading a book if it’s not moving quickly enough, if I’m bored, if the topic isn’t what I thought, if it turns out to be historical fiction (NOT my fave), or if it – like the book I recently picked up – neglects to use quotation marks when the characters are speaking. Fine, I get it. It’s a thing some people do. It’s not a thing I like. No more for me.

6. If you have an iPhone or iPad you probably either downloaded or tried to download iOS 7 yesterday. What do you think? I was going to hold off on downloading but ended up taking the plunge last night and I haven’t yet tinkered with it too much but… visually, it’s not pleasing my eyes. Hmmph.

7. In the midst of all the iOS downloading hubbub yesterday, though, there was a lot of smack talk from Android users mocking both iPhone users and the iOS. And… I don’t get it? Why do people care what kind of phone other people use? This bizarre pissing match strikes me as odd, and I’m wondering if we’re just that bored that we have to invent things to get riled up about?

8. Having to pick up your child from the gym early because she smacked her head on the vault while vaulting? A little scary. She’s a-okay, but I was mentally reviewing the signs for concussions as I drove to the gym. She had a bit of a headache, but should be ready to get back at it by her next practice.

9. The thing about making a concerted effort to stop buying junk food means that there are days when you will REALLY want potato chips and you won’t have any. And that’s good and that’s also very VERY bad.

10. Let’s wrap this up with the big one: Breaking Bad last week. OH. MY. GOD. Grateful it’s on after the kids were tucked in but watching BB by myself sucks (Breaking Bad watching Google+ Hangout on Sunday, y’all?). I wanted someone to talk to about the episode while it was happening (and I don’t have DVR so I kick it old school and *gasp* watch live). These past few eps have been INTENSE. I really wonder how the series will end. Any guesses?


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