Thursday Ten: Where Did July Even GO? edition

1. I cannot believe it’s August. Time flies – when you’re having fun and when you’re not – and I’ve had a mixture of both the past month. This summer has gone by faster than any other in recent memory and I blink and another week has gone by. I am guessing that it’s the schedule with the girls home and when they’re with their dad that is part of it. Time literally is week to week for me this summer. It hasn’t been completely easy, that’s for sure.

2. Last night, I was getting ready to let my dog in from a trip through the backyard to discover…he’d left a dead baby bunny on the deck. He’s a labradoodle, so he’s got that retriever side of him, but oooof. Gross. I thought I’d pick it up (not with my bare hands, mind you, I was going to scoop it into a plastic bag using a paper plate as a shovel of sorts), but… I couldn’t. It was just TOO much for me. I called my brother-in-law to get rid of it. I guess there are limits to my bad-assery.

3. I read a story the other day about a reporter in Alabama who was fired for a blog post and I think of that sometimes, wonder how often that happens. While it wasn’t a post that put her in the best light, it seems an over-reaction on the part of her employer. I don’t know, when I’m so grouchy about my work situation, I still censor quite a bit because I think of people like that reporter and I figure, you just hit the wrong person on the wrong day, and bleh. It’s tricky to navigate sometimes.

4. So without griping about my job or my employer, I will say that this whole working part time thing isn’t really getting any easier. I’m sad to have let go of some of the parts of my job that I really loved and that I was really good at – it’s a tough adjustment and it’s less than ideal right now, and I’m trying to get passed stress and just find solutions… but it’s not easy.

5. Spending time with a camera helps my mood.
sun setting on his garden, a series

6. As part of my efforts to deal with a part time paycheck thing, I decided to google some tips on saving money. One of the first hits was a Martha Stewart article – 50 Ways to save money around the house. Martha suggests we all make our own decorative vases instead of buying them. That’s helpful, Martha. SUPER HELPFUL. The vases clearly are what’s been killing my budget.

7. BUT SERIOUSLY – I don’t see myself becoming an extreme couponer (“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”) but, what are some ways you save around the house – real world, down to earth style and not “chill your wine in the cellar and not buy a pricey wine fridge” Martha-style. I find menu-planning helps me save a bit of cash at the grocery store – but what else is working for y’all?  (Man, I feel like I’m one step away from asking if I should rinse and reuse my plastic sandwich bags – but I’m not there yet – or ever). The thing is, I really haven’t ever been the type to splurge on too many extras – save for coffee – so it’s not like it’s a matter of kicking a shopping habit. That’d be way easier.

8. The other day, Pumpkin and I accidentally bumped heads so hard I could have sworn I saw stars. Buuuut, I didn’t have any ice packs. Good thing I have a tendency to freeze random stuff. I nursed the bump on my eyebrow with a frozen Gogurt, while she soothed the back of her head with a frozen Capri Sun. Both pretty effective ice packs, actually.

9. A friend posted a link to “40 Days of Dating” and now I’m in catch up mode trying to read it all. Not only is it an interesting concept/project, but the website is pretty amazing to look at. I love some good design.

10. I’m always amazed that there are people so willing to air their dirty laundry on Facebook and am ready to institute a new rule: if you’re going to bring on the drama, you best give us all popcorn first. Saw a husband and wife argue with each other via Facebook status and I sat there drawn to it like I was passing a train wreck, watching as their comments volleyed back and forth and then as their friends and family chimed in. Here’s a bit of advice: Just… don’t do that. It’s really yucky and pretty uncomfortable. Both halves of that couple ended up looking pretty bad, when all was said and done.

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