Thursday Ten: This Week. Sigh. This Week. edition

1. I promise this won’t become a grief blog to the exclusion of all else that is ever going on in my world, but right now, man. Dang. I cannot believe this week. It was a week ago, y’know, that we started this process of saying goodbye. All other time seems to move so slowly, except this week went by too quickly.

2. My threshold for stress may be lower than usual right now.

3. I have leftovers in my refrigerator that I can no longer identify and two baskets of clothes that need to be put away. I should maybe get on that, eh?

4. Most of you live in places where your kids have already started school. We’ve got another week and a half here until the kiddos go back. Third grade and sixth grade. Sheesh, where does time go? Just got class schedules and teacher assignments. Home stretch of summer, y’all.

5. I got into my car after work yesterday and nearly passed out from the smell. Thank you, darling children for leaving your nearly full Frappucino cup in my car. Rancid Frappuccino is the name of my new Bob Marley tribute band.

6. I haven’t watched a single episode of Project Runway this season. I don’t know why. I guess I don’t think of it. Summer is not usually the time where I control the television – kids have later bedtimes, and tend to watch later, and then I just turn on HGTV in the background as noise… I’ve missed Tim Gunn though. Have I missed anything?

7. Home improvement shows always make it look so easy. Oh, I could tile a kitchen backsplash and install hardwood flooring. (Television also makes me believe I could intubate someone if they needed it – thanks to medical dramas!)

8. It’s really hard to come up with ten things when you’re trying to not be mopey.

9. This was supposed to be the week I was going to start reading more. Whoops.

10. The Princess sent me a voice memo of herself singing this for me to play for my grandpa last week. It’s been in my head since. Mostly because my daughter sang it so sweetly and so lovely that I was pretty sure it was a professional singer doing it — upon closer listen, I can tell it’s her, of course. Still lovely and sweet, but sniffing because she’d been crying. My heart. Boom. But I do love this song.

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  1. You are free to talk about grief as much as you like. Hugs to you.

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