Thursday Ten: I’m A Lackadaisical Blogger edition

1. The thing is, it’s not that I don’t have plenty of stuff to say – I do! I have plenty to say! I have just been in such a BLAH mood. I am doing my best (really! I mean it!) to not just mope, spectacularly all over the internet while I deal with work stuffs, and so sometimes it’s easier to just follow the old, “If you don’t have anything nice to say” rule. There are plenty of bloggers who get a lot of post mileage out of their struggles but I’m not super comfortable with it. So, you know, it’s HARD.

2. Having said that, I’m midway through my second month of working only part time and it’s every bit as stressful as you’d think. As I was leaving work yesterday, someone asked if I was on my way to do anything fun this weekend (because why else would one start her weekend on WEDNESDAY?) and the words slipped out, “I’m not going on vacation, my job was made part time, it wasn’t my choice. I can’t really afford to do anything fun but my house is a lot cleaner.” Immediately I wanted to swoop the words up and put them back, take them away, because UGH, who just spews that stuff? Not me, not usually. Buuuuuuut, you know, I guess it was just bubbling under the surface. You know, it just is what it is, I guess. Gonna chalk that moment up to some built up stress and move on. Annnnd, hope it doesn’t bite me in the bum later.

3. My dad called me last night to tell me how much he thinks Pumpkin is starting to look like me. He’s kind of right. The thing is, my children are these light haired, blue eyed kiddos – it’s easy to overlook any features that might be similar to mine, but yeah… Pumpkin has some of my features. Hope that poor thing doesn’t end up with a nose like mine.

4. It’s not all gloom and doom here, though. I mean, LOOK AT THAT SKY.
338 | 365

5. And next week? For the first time in OVER A YEAR, I’ll be attending book club. The thing about this whole single mom-thang is that I can’t necessarily just go out mid week to book club. And though the kids are with their dad every other week in the summer, that doesn’t help if book club is scheduled on the “wrong week.” Next week, the stars aligned just so – and they’ll be discussing Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild.” Which I actually read. And liked.

6. Other schools, not in Michigan, are starting back up but my kids have a little less than a month of summer left. Summer isn’t even fun anymore – they’re bored and the days meld together. Last night, I came home and Pumpkin was telling the dog how hard it was to be a person. Stupid Michigan tourism law. We’re at the point of the summer where I start thinking year round school would be a good idea for these kids.

7. BREAKING BAD is back on Sunday, y’all! CanNOT wait to see where it goes from here. Who’s watching?

8. Oh, and speaking of TV, finished season one of “Orange Is The New Black,” I did end up watching the whole season. Annnnd, I really enjoyed it. Those first few episodes were tough to slog through but in the end, I was pretty impressed. It was a well done series. Can’t imagine where Season Two will go. Suppose I should read the book?

9. Yesterday, The Princess iMessaged me while I was at work. She sent a video of her doing a back tuck off the beam. Blew my mind. She makes it look so easy. I get nervous just lookin’ at it.

10. You know what would be nice? That whole job thing falling into place. It’s amazing how one thing could be so huge, affect so many areas of your life and stress a person out. I know, I said I wasn’t going to complain. I’m not really complaining…this time. Just putting it out there in the world. Life is good, for the most part, I love and I am loved and that makes me luckier than many. I’d just like to be able to let go of some worry. Yeah, that’d be nice.

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