Thursday Ten: Another Summer Comes to an End Edition

1. Usually by July, I’m ready to climb the walls crazy, ready for summer to be done. This summer flew by so much faster than that. Partly because of all the stuff going on, and partly because of the weird schedule the kids and I had – with them with their dad every other week, summer was measured in week-by-week chunks. My time with them, my time waiting for them to come home. Week by week, rather than day by day, and suddenly we’re looking at Labor Day weekend.

2. And with Labor Day and my part time schedule, I’m lookin’ at… a five day weekend. Five day weekends are decidedly less awesome with three day paychecks.

3. Open houses at the girls’ schools this week. Pumpkin is at the same school with a teacher that The Princess had years ago, and The Princess, well… we toured the MIDDLE SCHOOL, she practiced opening her locker, we met her teachers. It’s kind of exciting.

4. Less exciting? A middle school on a 90 degree day full of hundreds of smelly tweens and teens. Ooof. The smell was somethin’ awful. They should have been passing out deodorant at the door. (Also, parents? This is part of your job. No one really wants to tell their kid, “Hey you! You’ve got some wicked pit stench!” but sometimes you’ve just GOTTA. You can even say it nicer than that.)

5. I was watching an episode of some show on HGTV (I know, hold your look of surprise) and this couple was basing their decision on their dog’s opinion of the place. They’d go house hunting with their dog and make comments like, “He likes their front yard! That’s good!” or “Uh oh! The backyard is too small and he doesn’t like it!”  A couple of things. First, if I’m the one BUYING the house: I’m the one spending the money, I’m the one who chooses the house. Not my dog. My dog will just have to assume that I love him and wouldn’t move into a not good for dogs house. Secondly, if I was SELLING my house and people brought a dog through it? I’d be annoyed. They actually showed a shot of the dog jumping into someone’s swimming pool. I realize editing is some tricky stuff and it could very well be an authorized dog-in-pool event, however… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Ahem.

6. I’m tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus. I’m also tired of the rebound complaining about Robin Thicke (“Oh, we all attacked Miley but we really should have been attacking Robin so we’re going to attack him now because she shouldn’t have done what she did but he’s a grown man and la la la la la…”). TO WHICH I SAY THIS: Miley Cyrus is not a role model for my kids. Neither is Robin Thicke. Odds are, if we had just left it alone after the VMAs had aired, a large percentage of the people who are actually talking about it would have NEVER KNOWN IT HAPPENED. I have the ability to change the channel if I don’t like what’s on television. I also choose what music I’m buying, and relatedly, where my dollars go. If I don’t dig what someone’s doing, they don’t get my money. Also? I’m really sick of seeing the pictures. Again: I’d have never seen them if people didn’t insist on posting and posting and posting. I wonder what percentage of these outraged people were a) actually watching the VMAs and b) would allow their kids to watch it.

7. Have I complained about the weather yet this week? UGH the humidity. Walking outside is like walking through pudding.

8. Breaking Bad, oh my goodness. {I may very well say that every week until the series wraps up because OH MY GOODNESS}

9. I don’t think I can truly let go of summer unless I find some fun ice cream parlor and having one delicious hand-dipped cone. Probably mint chip because I am a creature of habit.

10. I really meant to start reading more again.

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