Thursday Ten: Summer Birthdays Are Tricky edition

1. As I type this, I’ve received one confirmation and one decline for Pumpkin’s birthday party tomorrow. She only invited three girls. That third kid, well, who knows if she’ll show or not. IT’S A MYSTERY! Having said that, planning parties for my summer birthday kiddo each year has been tricky. We must be the only family that doesn’t travel or do anything in the summer.

2. Someday we’ll travel and do stuff. I saw San Francisco on some show on HGTV and sighed because beautiful, I miss it and I wish I could go more often. But… not this year.

3. I finally took the plunge and painted my kitchen and living room this week. I’ve wanted gray walls SOMEWHERE in my house for a very long time – and now I have ’em. Of course, now I really hate the carpet and the curtains in the dining room. Can’t win ’em all. (But sigh. These walls. I love them so big.)
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4. The weather finally broke and Tuesday and Wednesday were DELIGHTFUL. Hey Michigan? I want this all the time. ALL. OF. THE. DAYS. Like that. I call it “cheap weather” – cool enough that the AC isn’t needed, warm enough that I don’t have to turn on heat, either. Perfection.

5. My work week is over for the week already and it’s amazing how quickly a 24-hour work week flies by and ugh, I don’t even want to see what a 24-hour work week paycheck looks like but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. (Don’t worry, I’ll have a paper bag on hand for the inevitable hyperventilating)

6. The Princess mastered two new stunts in gymnastics this week. I’m almost looking forward to the new competition season. Almost.

7. I did a cool Pinterest-inspired photo shoot with my kids this past weekend – I made them fly. Shooting up at the sky while my kids bounced on the trampoline to look as though they were being lifted by a bunch of balloons. It worked better than most Pinterest-inspired things do. I was ridiculously pleased with the result. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken shots I can’t tear my eyes from.

8. It was a cool morning yesterday so I made coffee before leaving for work. I added to it a massive dollop of homemade whipped cream. It was delightful (and probably horrible for me). It was a lovely treat, with a hint of vanilla. Not sure what made me think of it but I’ll have to try to not do that too often.

9. I switched purses yesterday. Ladies, can I just say that if you ever find yourself in a restroom and you don’t have the feminine hygiene products you require, you may just really wish I happen to be in that same restroom because WHY DOES A PERSON NEED TO CARRY SEVEN TAMPONS IN HER PURSE? I am evidently way prepared. Also, my purse was a big stupid mess and I didn’t even realize until I started pulling everything out just how many were in there. (I also have an excess of grocery store receipts, morning notes, and loyalty cards from various retailers.)

10. I missed National Tequila Day yesterday and why is that even on a Wednesday. Idiots. Rain check?

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