Thursday Ten: Well THAT Sucks edition

1. Might as well lead off with the bad so that I can maybe turn this post around by the time it ends, with…I dunno… pictures of puppies or something. Nearly six months after first broaching the subject with me that my job will be transitioning to part time, I received word this morning that it will finally happen. In less than two weeks. I could say a lot more about this, I’m sure – but it’s probably all in poor taste and it’s coming from a place of fear and uncertainty about my future. But I haven’t gotten to this point in life by being a wuss baby. I’ve gotten through so much that I will get through this, too.

2. I’m just really scared right now. And unhappy about the whole thing. But…

3. Earlier in the week, this is the fortune I got from my fortune cookie (I really really like fortune cookies) so… you know, cookie people. I’m counting on you to have gotten this shizz right.
Better be true

4. Soooooo, uh, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. That’s a pretty good song, right? Even if you don’t really care for Robin Thicke?

5. PUPPIES. COOKIES. THE PERFECT CAPPUCCINO. THE SMELL OF LEMONS. (I’m trying so hard to be positive, y’all.)

6. Twice this week I have had the opportunity to share dinner with good friends. It’s been gorgeous weather here in West Michigan which has allowed for outdoor dining, which I LOVE. I also love bright colored patio umbrellas.
290 | 365

7. And dinner plans tonight also! (I miss my girls, they’re with their dad for the week – this summer schedule is a bit tough so I’m filling up my evenings with plans so I don’t spend hour sitting on the couch missing them and feeling lonely). Looking forward to another fabulous meal with good company.

8. Last night at the grocery store, I picked up a box of frozen waffles and a bottle of wine so I’m either the best at grocery shopping or the absolute worst.

9. HEY, if you’re in the Grand Rapids area and you’re hiring, I know someone who is SUCH a rockstar with marketing and social media and web stuffs. (I had to do it, y’all. I’m basically stuck thinking about this and what’s blogging for if not to beg for jobs?)

10. Awwwwww, puppy. SEE? I promised.
Gotta capture his sweet moments

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  1. Sucks about the job, Sarah. I’m so sorry.

    I like puppies 🙂

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