Thursday Ten: Just Thinking Of Chicago Makes My Feet Hurt edition

1. Just over a week until I venture to Chicago for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I’m breaking in some new shoes and I’ve stocked up on blister bandaids and I’m just about ready! This will be my fifth walk but I still get nervous before each one, and the blisters I got at last year’s walk in Boston were so awful, I actually got them checked by medical mid-walk… and I’ve never done that! Fingers crossed this year goes better.

2. I have really tried to avoid watching coverage of the devastation in Moore, OK. I know it seems ignorant to bury my head in the sand about so much of what is going on in the world, but sometimes it just hurts to watch stuff because I can’t begin to fathom the devastation they are experiencing.

3. Memorial Day weekend is coming up. Raise your hand if you are thrilled about a three day weekend.

4. There are certain internet words that I can’t stand. These words are predominantly used on the internet (though I’ve occasionally heard them offline) and include: ermagherd, stahp (or staaaahp or staaaaaaaaaaaahp), bestie, amazeballs, and meatspace. I’m sure there’s more. But they’re like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Especially ermagherd. Ick. Just S-T-O-P.

5. Had the opportunity to photograph a cocktail party the other day. In a midst of trying to avoid photographing people as they’re putting food in their mouth, or having animated conversation with excessive arm movements, sometimes I take pictures just for me.

Empty plate perched on a windowsill overlooking the park. Or, people will leave their dishes ANYWHERE.

6. After weeks of listening to her cough, I finally took Pumpkin in to the doctor’s where she left with a prescription for an inhaler and recommendation to take allergy meds. The inhaler actually seems to be helping already. Still coughing but not as much, so I hope she’s on the mend.

7. Watching my dog try to kill mosquitoes is pretty damn funny.

8. For a coworker’s birthday yesterday, I brought homemade strawberry shortcakes to the office. It was a nice change of pace but I made the mistake of bringing the leftovers home. STOP EATING THE HOMEMADE WHIPPED CREAM, SARAH.

9. What is it about people and granite countertops on these homebuying shows? Am I the only one who thinks granite counter tops are ugly (I actually typed that as “ughly” first – which is also appropriate)? On the other hand, butcher block counters? Sign me up.

10. Do you have a favorite candy? I love sweets but really try to limit what I let myself have because once I get a taste for something, I just want them a lot. Case in point: Gummy bears. I could probably eat gummy bears every day and not get tired of them. This is an old picture but I spent a lot of time last night thinking of gummy bears – despite the strawberry shortcakes – so…
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  1. I never used the word bestie until my dearest friend started calling me that and eventually it kinda grew on me. The rest though, O-o

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