Thursday Ten: If You Want Sunshine You Have to Put Up With Soul Sucking Mosquitoes

1. No, I’m not really complaining about the weather today because it was gorgeous, sunny and not too hot and not too cold. What I am complaining about are those freaking mosquitoes. I stood in my driveway for five minutes last night and was swarmed by a plethora of mosquitoes that like to chomp on feet. Gah. Gonna be a long summer.

2. And the mosquitoes remind me that my dog is late for his heartworm test and probably should start taking his heartworm medication soon. Crap. I hope the vet is open late some evening during the week.

3. The end of the school year brings all of this stuff that has to get done and it seems like it’s never ending (Didn’t I mention this last week?). Today it’s money due for a field trip, yesterday was Special Person’s day at The Princess’s gym. I wish I had all the time in the world to attend every little thing and the available brain space to remember every little thing. I suspect part of the problem is that I’m not getting all of the school papers (those pesky backpacks are like black holes)…

4. Seems like I spend a lot of time grumping about what’s wrong that I figured I would try to be a little bit more positive – and focus on what’s good rather than what sucks. I decided that yesterday after I was trying to open my garage door and the door raised a quarter of the way and then the motor stopped working and the door just slammed down into the pavement. Ugggggh. One more thang. At least it’s not snowy. Parking in my driveway instead of in the garage, it’s not a huge deal. But yeah, I need to get better about choosing what I let get to me and what I let roll off my back. (If I were to make a wish though, I’d wish for some calm)
make a wish

5. The girls and I spent last weekend in Wisconsin – do you know how excited they were to realize the days we were traveling, they’d been in FOUR states (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin). The drive there was smooth as can be. On the way back? I was grouchy, the kids were grouchy, and the toll roads were annoying the hell out of me. It didn’t help that Pumpkin asked, less than an hour into our five hour drive, “HOW MUCH LONGER?” Oh kid. We’ve got HOURS. But, I’m clearly home. We survived. It was fun to get away and spend time with friends and find some peace for a few days.

6. While we were in Wisconsin, my friends taught the girls the “Makin’ Bacon Pancakes” song – I think it’s from Adventure Time. I’m sure that didn’t help the five hour drive back to Michigan either. But, it makes the kids happy. I don’t love bacon OR pancakes so, sounds gross to me.

7. Round two of the playoffs, game 1. Annnd the RedWings lost. What a bummer. On the plus side? At least the game was over before 11 p.m. Here’s to a victory in Game Two. *fingers crossed* (Let’s go RedWings, clap clap clap clap clap…)

8. Remember that blog cooking project I have? Don’t worry, I remember it too. I found a recipe for a sourdough starter, so I’ll get that going and while that starter is…starting… I’ll finally give making hummus a whirl! The girls and I have a low key weekend in front of us. That’s SUCH a rarity these days. There will be hummus. And pita chips. Lots and lots of pita chips.

9. With less than 2 weeks until her birthday, The Princess has now given me a very very specific birthday list. She wants a yoga mat. I think I may get her one. Life is chaos, and if she can find peace that way, then that would be a super good thing.

10. Someday I’ll write my memoir and I’ll name it “Eating CheezIts At Midnight.” That’s what I’m doing now. Eating crackers, finishing up this post and getting ready for bed. I’ll wake up in a few hours, nice and extra specially bloated from all the salt. Hmmm yeah. Can’t wait. (I really love CheezIts. It’s almost worth it.)

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