Thursday Ten: Noise and Vomit Edition

1. First things first – happily – my children are back home. Back home and their belongings are sprawled all over the house and they’re complaining about my cooking again. Back to normal. So glad.

2. Not sure if it’s lingering effects of whatever ailed him last week but last night the dog started puking. AGAIN. Granted, he’d stole a cookie (non chocolate) so it could very well be the effects of too much sugar on an already sensitive dog tummy. Either way? I’m SO SICK OF DOG VOMIT. I’m also sick of preparing bland meals for him. You know there were days last week where his meal was more thoughtfully prepare  than my own?

3. At this time last year, I’m pretty sure spring was in full swing in west Michigan and things were blooming. I’m also pretty sure I wasn’t still WEARING MY WINTER COAT EVERY DAMN DAY. (Michigan, get your shizz together.)

4. I haven’t slept well all week. I AM SO TIRED. Actually, I’ve been sleeping fine until about 4 a.m. And then I wake up. Yuck. Until this morning. Not sure if it was the cumulative exhaustion or that my kiddos are home, but I slept until the alarm went off. Still tired, though.

5. I raised over $500 this week towards my fundraising goal for the Avon Walk. That makes me tremendously happy (so happy that I could very nearly forget about puke). Just under two months until I walk and I’m almost to my goal.

6. HOWEVER, given this extended winter, I’m tremendously out of shape. No long training walks yet because it’s COLD outside. Somehow, I’m going to have to start training soon though of that forty miles is gonna hurt.

7. I don’t really have anything profound to say because sleep deprivation and dog vomit so I suppose I could start typing my grocery list out here. Can someone remind me to buy all purpose flour?

8. Last night, it was nice to be hugged. Pumpkin was especially glad to see me – I can’t say I minded her repeated requests to snuggle.

9. I painted my nails and it took less than 24 hours to chip all the polish off one of my nails in a very noticeable way because of course. Sometimes I fail at girly stuff.

10. You know what would make this post way better? Yeah, like four fewer mentions of puke. Sorry about that. We’ll try this again next week, mmkay?

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