Thursday Ten: I’m Mad at a Lens edition

1. For the longest time, my favorite lens was my Canon 24-70mm/2.8 but now? The sharpness is completely gone – well. Not completely. But mostly. And I’m likely going to send it in for repair. What’s worse? This is a common problem with this lens. This L-Series glass, which is supposed to be a high-quality lens apparently does this for a lot of people. Gah. It’s too expensive to be so flawed. And I hate to think of what the repair might cost.

2. Speaking of repair, I came home Sunday to find my house was a freezing iceberg of a house. Turns out…whee!… my furnace had stopped working. (Et tu, furnace?) The girls and I spent the night at my mom’s Sunday evening rather than pay double time for a repair dude to come on a Sunday, and the guy fixed the igniter and now I have heat again. And since Michigan won’t end here, that’s a good thing. However, apparently in the next few months I’ll need to replace the furnace motors OR buy a new furnace. Mother trucker, I hate home ownership.

3. And so. In an effort to hate home ownership a littttttlllllleeee bit less I think I need a home improvement project. Something cheap (because furnace motors, duh) and something that will give me a visual reminder on a regular basis that this is my haven and that I love it and it’s not really the Money Pit. Any ideas? I’ve been digging through HGTV magazine and have some ideas for paint colors – but… what else could I do?

4. Flowers are purrty.
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5. I have had Chicago pizza and I have had New York pizza – and I actually really dig them both, though you’re generally apparently supposed to have strong feelings one way or the other about which one is better… but I actually had amazing pizza in Grand Rapids last week and it may well be some of the best pizza I ever had. And it had jalapenos on it. WHO would have thought to put jalapenos on pizza?! Not me – but it was fabulous. My poor brain can’t stop thinking about it.

6. The gymnastics season is over and The Princess had an excellent end to the season – she would have liked more medals at the State level (she earned one for Bars), but it wasn’t in the cards. I’ve been seriously evaluating the idea of changing her into a different program – but it’s up to her. If she’s still having fun where she is, I don’t want to rock that boat but DANG – the way her gym operates? I’m frustrated. Bad business bothers me.

7. I don’t know if y’all have seen the news but we have a LOT of water here in West Michigan. The constant rain hasn’t helped things – and I’m not sure when the river levels will go down. They’re a bit lower than this as of yesterday – but… still high. It’s really the craziest thing. (Well, there are crazier things than water.)
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8. Leave it to HGTV magazine to make me want to decoupage stuff.

9. Today I’ll go to Pumpkin’s school for breakfast. Muffins with Moms. Only… there won’t be any muffins. Just doughnuts and I hate doughnuts. That’s okay though. It should still be fun. I’m looking forward to it. As I type this, it’s 1:23 a.m. – so… you know, just a few more hours.

10. I guess it should go without saying, since I’m typing this after 1 a.m. that I should probably get better about that whole “going to sleep at a human time” thing. Or that “staying asleep” thing. Or that “not waking up in the middle of the night for no reason” thing. Gah. Sleep. How can I be bad at sleep? I dunno… but I am.

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