Thursday Ten: Happy One Year! edition

1. It’s my niece’s birthday – it’s hard to believe a year ago yesterday, I didn’t know her and a year ago today I was sitting in a hospital room for hours, armed with my camera, waiting for her to make her debut in this world. I remember holding my camera, hands trembling, waiting for the doctor to hold her up. I don’t know how I took any pictures. To this day, I feel so blessed that I was able to be in the delivery room for her birth – that from her very first minute in this world, I was there. Happy birthday, little girl. From this little bit of a thing to a walking, dancing, giggling sweet girl (with eyelashes for MILES).
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2. Along with her first birthday comes… ONE YEAR PORTRAITS! Given that she’s so extremely mobile, I imagine it’s going to be a chaotic (and tiring!) shoot, but I don’t mind. I’m going to count it towards cardio for the day.

3. My office recently underwent some major renovations and… I think I’m allergic to the new carpet. Apparently with new carpets, there’s something called off-gassing, which sounds rather unfortunate, but it IS rather unfortunate: where the new carpet releases a bunch of gross nasty chemicals into the air. Suuuuper. I’ve had a headache every day from the time I sit down until the time I get to my car — add to that the runny nose, the sneezing, and the extreme exhaustion? It’s been tough. Can’t wait until the carpet is done spewing.

4. Who shoots pictures for the photographer? Good question! I recently browsed through a TON of portfolios for Michigan photographers to select someone to take a picture of me and the girls this weekend. Normally, I’d ask my good friend to shoot ’em – she’s an amazing photographer. She’s also quite pregnant and so I figured I’d let her off the hook. Gonna bundle up and go outside and get some pictures. Who knows – the way the weather looks now, we’re gonna have some brown muddy backgrounds. I don’t wish for snow, but… I do. Kind of. Just enough to cover the dead grass.

5. So, I accidentally landed on an episode of All Star Celebrity Apprentice while channel surfing last night. Um. Wow? At one point, Omarosa kept telling Piers Morgan, “Your mama should know. Your mama know know. Your mama should know…” and I was thinking, Just what in the hell is she talking about anyway? Also – there’s a whole lot of plastic surgery going on and some scary stuff going on in high def here. (I wonder if I could name a band Bret Michaels’ Guyliner?)

6. A coworker brought mango salsa in to a work party yesterday and now I am obsessed with mango salsa. I won’t even even tell y’all just how much of it I ate (SO MUCH OF IT) but now I want to make some, and I want to find a recipe for pork tacos that will complement the sweet/savory salsa that I NEED MORE OF.
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7. I know eventually I’m gonna jinx myself but when there’s all this weather talk about snow happening, I’m always so relieved when it doesn’t happen here. SPRING – WHERE ARE YOU?

8. Shipped my broken food processor back to KitchenAid after they sent me a replacement free of charge. I’m, uh, scared to use the new food processor. What if it doesn’t work? I’m so scared to be disappointed. By a food processor.

9. The Princess has been working hard to master a new skill at gymnastics – and yesterday for the first (second, third, fourth…) time she was able to land her cartwheel on the beam. It was and is kind of a crucial milestone for her and I’m so excited for her to have gotten it. She won’t be doing it at the meet this weekend – but soon. Maybe the next one.

10. Sometimes, when I’m schlepping baskets of laundry to and from the laundry room, I get really upset that The Jetsons lead me to believe that this stuff would be folded at the push of the button by the time I was an adult. I kind of thought we’d have progressed further than this. Sure, we’ve got people tweeting pictures of the earth from space but I still have to fold all of my own damn laundry. Clearly, there are brainy people with their priorities out of whack.

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