Thursday Ten: At Least the Sun’s Shining edition

1. I’ve had a rough day pretty much since I woke up – with fifteen minutes to spare to get ready. And on days like today, I’m not entirely fit for public consumption. I’ve had some stuff go wrong that’s left me feeling tender and cranky and emotional. And I hate tender, cranky and emotional. On days like this, I don’t know what I need from people. Do I want people to cheer me up or do I want them to just say, “That REALLY SUCKS!” and let me be down? I dunno. Either way. If you’ve crossed my path today, I’m sorry for getting my feelings on you.

2. So let’s talk about what’s good, shall we? Um… The Princess got straight A’s this term. That pretty much rocks.

3. The sun finally decided to grace us with its presence, and that’s pretty awesome too.

4. I’ve gotten through some pretty crazy obstacles in my life. I’ll keep getting through crazy obstacles. I am one of the strongest women you don’t know that you know. And I have to remind myself of that. Often. That I’m strong. That I’m capable. And that I’m worthy of good things, even if sometimes it seems like life is suggesting otherwise.

5. I was so upset today, I bought a cookie in a coffee shop. A MASS PRODUCED COOKIE. You know I don’t do that…but sometimes you gotta.

6. The girls and I got our pictures taken a few weeks ago, and the prints arrived yesterday. Perhaps if I go frame shopping, it will put a smile on my face to hang one on my wall.

7. The saying goes that you treat people how to treat you – do you think that’s true?

8. This cookie is freaking disgusting. (I’m eating it all.)

9. My dog’s bland food diet is disgusting. I’m feeding him boiled chicken so he won’t get sick but the smell of it makes me sick. It’s a fun trade off. (By fun, I mean: I can’t wait until he can eat his normal food again. Which is funny, because dog food? ALSO SMELLS GROSS.) (Okay. You may have noticed… this isn’t exactly falling into the category of “What’s good”.)

10. Closing this with one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken over the past week. This eventually became part of a yummy dinner, but I love the way these mangoes look together.
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