Thursday Ten: Taking a Page from Ferris Bueller edition

1. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” With that in mind, I’ve started (and we’ll see if I stick to it) a five moment journal. Each day, I jot down five things that have happened during the day – good things, bad things, whatever things. In the midst of stress, I’m just kinda wishing days away and that’s probably not the best approach to dealing with things.

2. Yesterday, the sun was shining for the first time in what seems like it’s been far too long of a time. I hate winter. I hate February.

3. I’ve taken to using the LoseIt app on my iPhone again in an attempt to lose a few stress related pounds. I ate 108 calories worth of saltine crackers yesterday. I hate knowing that.

4. I made ten tons of pasta sauce and have a lot left over. What’s amazing is that the leftovers have been better than the original meal. Which is good because I’ll have a lot left over for a very long time.

5. Sometimes I try to find peace.
158 | 365

Sometimes it doesn’t work.
159 | 365

6. Sometimes when I drive to work, the light is just so and I am inspired to stop and take photographs of everything. Unfortunately, just being inspired doesn’t mean that I actually have the time to stop. Or that I can stop without getting hit by other cars. I see these things and I know it would make an excellent photograph and then… I have to drive by. I hate that.

7. THIS SPACE FOR RENT! Maybe? Maybe not? I don’t know. Just a few weeks until my job goes to part time and as you can imagine, there’s a stressy feeling of oh my god what am I going to do about it all. Wanna rent my blog? Think of it like a little itty bitty teeny tiny billboard. Also, I have a healthy kidney you can probably buy.

8. I just received my invitation to my niece’s first birthday party. Nearly one year old already. HOW did this year go by so quickly?

9. To the people who try to use LinkedIn to sell me stuff: Don’t. To the people who try to use Facebook to sell me stuff: Don’t. If you don’t know me, don’t connect with me so you can sell me stuff. (You get an occasional free pass if we actually know each other. Strangers trying to connect in order to spam me with sales hooey? Suuuuuuuuuch BS).

10. I haven’t been to actual book club in months sooooo… The Princess and I are doing a book club again. I have to admit that the kid lit is kind of refreshing. I love being able to zip through a read – I don’t read nearly enough these days and so being able to make some progress in a book is nice. Maybe it’ll kick me into gear of actually reading again.

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  1. Just thinking off the top of my head… have you thought about renting a room out to a student ?

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