Thursday Ten: Where I Wax Poetically About Potatoes edition

1. Okay, I don’t know how poetic I’m going to get, but I had some of the best potatoes ever over the weekend and days later? I still am thinking of how good they are (I took a picture so they’d last longer). My grandpa used to make fried potatoes, and I miss that. I tried to make some a few weeks ago and while they were pretty damn good, they weren’t this good. I really love potatoes. I love carbs. It’s potatoes like this that make me wonder how people on low to no carb diets don’t end up going complete insane.

at peace and with a belly full of potatoes

2. I also watched Season 5 of Breaking Bad over the weekend and holy hell, Walt, WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU WALTER? Not nice, that Walter White. I’m so sucked in. I’m so caught up and now? I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WHEN FOR A NEW SEASON? Slightly tantrum inducing. I really want to know what happens next.

3. Tomorrow it will be February 1. How on earth did that happen already?

4. “My tailbone hurts.”
My tailbone hurts.”
“How did you hurt yours?”
“Kept falling back on it in gymnastics.”
“Maybe my tailbone hurt is sympathy for your tailbone hurt.”
“But you didn’t know that I hurt.”
“Maybe my tailbone did.”

5. The Jose Gonzalez version of “Heartbeats” has been in and out of my head for a few days.

6. When you spill something on your phone, do you lick it off or are you constantly aware of what a germ infested piece of technology it is? I’m asking for the person (who isn’t me) who got peanut butter on her phone yesterday. (OKAY FINE IT WAS ME)

7. Sooooo, about that weather we’ve been having…. DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF MOTHER NATURE?!

8. For the first year in awhile, I won’t be attending the Blissdom conference. I left early last year, thinking my sis was going to have her baby any second… but this year it is in Dallas and too far to drive, and well, I think I’ve mentioned the job situation. Financially, it doesn’t make sense to go, and really though I’d love to see a whole bunch of you, it’s not gonna be this year. But have fun if you’re going. Feel free to send me your extra swag. Especially if it’s chocolate.

9. Now that Breaking Bad is done, I moved on to Weeds. Just into Season Two and I’m already thinking, Meeeeeeeeh. I’ll probably keep watching (because really, what else am I gonna watch), but… yeah. Meh.

10. Sesame Street on Twitter yesterday? WELL DONE, GROVER. This made my afternoon a little brighter. Anyone else love this book when they were younger?

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  1. So these potatoes have been in my brain since I first saw the pic. Last night, they were the only thing I wanted to eat for dinner. And today, they got made again and served up to the guys in my house as a part of brunch. I am in love. Thanks for that. =)

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