Thursday Ten: This Is Only Sort of About Hair edition

I apologize for the formatting but i am too lazy to fix it. I wrote this elsewhere, copied and pasted here and bleh. Ugh. Let’s all pretend I did it on purpose because I super love white space.

1. I am wearing my hair in a braid today. There’s nothing about this “style” (to call it such is a tremendous overstatement) that looks remotely good, it’s just… I didn’t feel like straightening my hair and I was out of frizz-fighting product. If I could have shoved a baseball hat on my head before walking out the door, I’d have done that instead.


2. I didn’t want to straighten my hair because the split ends are winning. My hairstylist left/got fired/fell off the planet and I have an appointment for a trim on Saturday. I’m very very nervous. I’d avoid going at all if I could – oh the power a scissor-wielding stylist has to really mess up your appearance and your self esteem – but… the split ends. There’s so many of them. The dry weather and the heat of a straightening iron don’t help. So, hobo braid. Meh.


3. I really, really miss my daughters. They come home tomorrow.


4. For those curious about how my grandpa is doing… he and my grandmother have moved into an assisted living facility and so far they really seem to like it. I was tremendously relieved to find that my grandpa had accepted so easily the fact that he and my grandma wouldn’t be able to live on their own. This place seems like a good place for them. It’s a relief.


5. Some people choose a “word of the year” – this year I chose two words: SEEK JOY. And let me tell you, I’m not sure that I’m any good at it, but I’m going to try. Why wouldn’t one opt for happiness if given the choice, right?

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6. I don’t make resolutions with the new year, but I am going to make an effort to get back on track with being healthier. I’m getting older and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be and blah blah blah… but also, life stress in 2012 followed by getting happier coupled with a lack of free time all kinda did a number on me. Happy is good, buying bigger pants is not. Do not look for me to cut tacos out of my life. Not gonna happen.


7. With a gift card I received for Christmas, I picked up two new books yesterday.
May We Be Forgiven
The Great Night
What are you reading now? (I haven’t been to book club in MONTHS.)


8. I am completely sucked in to the show “Breaking Bad.” I’ve just about wrapped up season two on Netflix and WHOA. The downside is that I’m so sucked in that I keep watching episode after episode because I want to see what happens next. (Sleep, whut?)


9. I know that winter is cold. I know that it could be much colder. I AM SO TIRED OF BEING COLD.


10. Over the weekend, I saw “Silver Lining Playbook.” Was it as good as I had anticipated? Um…no. But I did like it. And I like Bradley Cooper as a non-Hangover-goofball. And I liked Jennifer Lawrence (this was my first time seeing her in anything). Have you seen any movies over the holidays? (Django is next on my list. Then Les Mis. And then the movie about fracking that I’m going to see because Matt Damon is in it.)
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